Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 03, 2014

LG Innotek Extends Product Range with AC Direct LED Lighting Components

LG Innotek, a leading global materials and components manufacturer, today announced that the company start to produce Alternating Current (AC) direct LED lighting packages and modules that will accelerate market adoption of the world’s next generation lighting system.

AC direct LEDs rely on alternating current which is the standard power format for lighting in offices, retail, hospitality and homes. Conventional LED lighting uses Direct Current (DC) which requires Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) units to be installed in these environments, adding cost and complexity to the system.

LG Innotek developed the AC direct LED by embedding a micro-drive integrated chip in the LED which controls the current. This allows the LED solution to occupy a smaller space since it does not require a SMPS unit and can reduce costs by up to 30 percent compared to conventional DC LED solutions.

LG Innotek is introducing a range of eight products; five types of AC direct LED packages, which is the basic component of LED lighting, and three types of lighting modules, which is an integrated LED package and printed circuit board. The company is planning to add two more AC LED packages and three more AC LED modules this year.

AC direct LED packages include the 5250HV(High Voltage), 3030HV and the 5630 HV. The 5630HV produces 136lm/W, achieving the world’s best light efficiency for an AC LED. The 5250 HV package optimizes costs in lighting systems, and the 3030 HV package is optimized for micro bulbs like G4 and G9. The 5630 HV and 5250 HV type packages have received LM80 certification, the U.S. reliability test standard for LED lighting.

The AC direct modules are targeted for down lighting applications. This product is especially favored by customers who value lighting quality because it provides light efficiency of 125lm/W, the best performance in 23W category (CRI is above 80), and an excellent light uniformity resulting from an optimized light pattern design.

LG Innotek’s modules are not only made for outstanding performance, but also for maximizing customer convenience in the manufacturing of their finished lighting products. AC direct modules for down lighting have a light source placed in the center of the module to avoid dark spots and ensure uniform light distribution. The modules also simplify connectivity to the power source with built-in connectors.

The AC direct modules for bulbs have a surge protection circuit embedded in the product. It is ideal for lighting applications requiring size optimization, since it has a flexible design and reduces costs since it does not require auxiliary circuits.

LG Innotek will further expand their line-up of AC direct LED components this year by adding a 3030W HV package that is optimized for omni-directional bulbs as well as bulb modules and surface modules.

About LG Innotek:
LG Innotek is a leading global materials and components manufacturer and an affiliate of LG Group.  LG Innotek was established in 1970 and recorded $5.7 billion in sales in 2013. The company specializes in components for the smartphone, automotive and LED lighting sectors, including camera modules, automotive electronic components, LED, and substrate materials. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of camera modules.
In the LED sector, LG Innotek has vertically integrated the entire manufacturing process from Epi-wafers and chips to packages and modules, while providing LED products optimized for lighting, mobile, display and automotive applications.
LG Innotek is listed on the Korea Exchange (011070 KS).For more information, visit