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Lumileds Enables Next Step in Human Centric Lighting with Launch of Luxeon Fusion

Lumileds, a global leader in innovative lighting solutions, today launched Luxeon Fusion, a breakthrough platform technology that delivers unprecedented white color selection while streamlining fixture manufacturing.

Combining the needs of many tuning technologies, including dim to warm and dynamic tuning for human centric lighting, Luxeon Fusion addresses color temperatures from 1,800 K to 10,000 K with high color-rendering index (CRI) (>90 over 95% of range) and high color fidelity. Customers who previously were forced to rely on disparate solutions to achieve the desired results can now leverage the Luxeon Fusion platform technology which unites white color selection, dim to warm capability, SKU reduction and dynamically tunable white lighting—all designed for mass adoption, in one single solution.

" Luxeon Fusion is really designed to open up color tuning for mass adoption in all indoor lighting environments because it offers superior dim-to-warm consistency down to 1,800K, white light color choice, high efficiencies and consistent light output over dynamic tuning ranges," said Steve Barlow, SVP and GM of Lumileds LED Solutions.

Human Centric Lighting Applications for Luxeon Fusion:

Luxeon Fusion enables the next step in human centric lighting. When lighting hospitals, restaurants, offices or retail venues, designers often wish to adjust color temperature on-site or program it to adjust light levels throughout the day to complement a changing ambient environment. Available on the Lumileds Matrix Platform, which custom configures Luxeon LEDs and Advanced Technologies on substrates to fit manufacturers' specific requirements, Luxeon Fusion is easily integrated with a variety of wired and wireless (e.g. Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), Digital Multiplex (DMX), Wi-Fi) approaches for on-demand tuning.

"White light tuning in the past was limited and could not, for instance, tune along the blackbody curve or just below the blackbody curve, a range that enables vivid color depiction," said Matt Everett, Senior Director of Matrix Platform Integrated Solutions. Programming in such ranges is enabled by Luxeon Fusion.

The first implementation of Luxeon Fusion involves modules for downlights, spotlights, troffers and linear applications – achieving system efficacy and color stability comparable to that of Luxeon LEDs. "We boosted LED utilization by 25 to 100 percent over standard two-LED or three-LED solutions, and achieve consistent light output over the tuning range – something customers value and other color tuning systems struggled to deliver," said Greg Tashjian, Senior Director of R&D at Lumileds.

A significant advantage to the Luxeon Fusion is more efficient fixture development. For instance, a fixture that is offered with CCTs (correlated color temperature) of 2700 K, 3500 K and 5000 K color temperatures, each with specific light engines and SKUs can now utilize one engine for all the fixtures and CCT can be set later -- even after fixture installation. Another use involves high-impact retail environments, where companies select a signature CCT and brand all stores worldwide with one color tone.

To see Luxeon Fusion in action, please visit us at LIGHTFAIR International, booth #117. For more information on Lumileds Fusion color tuning and Matrix Platform Solutions, see

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