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Luminus Devices to Introduce PhlatLight® LEDs for Lighting Applications During LIGHTFAIR International 2008

Luminus Devices will be unveiling its PhlatLight® LED product line for lighting applications during LIGHTFAIR International, from May 28 through May 30 in the Red Rock ballroom at the Marriott Suites Hotel in Las Vegas.

Luminus is best known for supplying its patented, ultra-bright PhlatLight LEDs for high definition televisions and projectors to companies like Samsung and LG Electronics. These PhlatLight LEDs are the only LEDs that are bright and efficient enough to replace arc lamps with a solid state alternative.

Now Luminus is making its PhlatLight technology available to lighting manufacturers, providing a line of products that are able to replace conventional lamps in lighting applications previously thought impossible with LEDs.

PhlatLight LEDs are unique in that they are larger than standard LEDs, and designed to operate at significantly higher power levels.


"Luminus has taken several steps in recent months to support expansion into lighting, by expanding our product portfolio, sales and support organization, and distribution channel,” said Christian Hoepfner, vice president of products. “These products are already being designed into lighting fixtures in the entertainment, architectural and medical industries. We expect our large, white PhlatLight LEDs to make an impact in high brightness applications in the general lighting landscape."

Unique, patented properties of PhlatLight LEDs include Luminus’ Photonic Lattice technology efficiently extracting light from the chip surface. This technology enables Luminus to manufacture large LEDs as much as 12 times larger than conventional LEDs, in various shapes, sizes and configurations for a wide range of applications.

Luminus’ patented chip-on-board package technology give PhlatLight LEDs state-of-the-art, low thermal resistance, < 0.6o C/W, allowing the industry’s widest reliable operating range from .35 A, to over 30 A, with some devices capable of producing over of 3,000 lumens from a single PhlatLight LED chip. Luminus’ extensive reliability testing at high current levels ensure its PhlatLight LED products are qualified for over 100,000 hours of operation.

Three series of PhlatLight LEDs will be shown during LFI.

PhlatLight CBT Series: Single-Chip, Single-Color LEDs
The PhlatLight CBT series consists of single color modules and are currently available as individual red, green or blue devices in the following sizes. Product production is available for sampling now.

PhlatLight       LED Emitting Area
CBT-120         12.0 mm2
CBT-85           8.5 mm2
CBT-54           5.4 mm2   
CBT-40           3.9 mm2   

PhlatLight CBM Series: Multi-Chip, Multi-Color LEDs
Luminus will debut a family of multi-chip, multi-color PhlatLight LED modules in three and four color configurations. With thousands of lumens emitted from a small area like an arc gap or filament, optics are simplified and color shadowing eliminated. These PhlatLight CBM modules reliably produce over 2,000 lumens of multi-color or white light from a single PhlatLight LED module.

This performance enables applications not possible with conventional LEDs such as spotlighting for entertainment, architectural or general lighting. A single PhlatLight CBM module can replace large arrays of conventional LEDs while multiple PhlatLight CBM modules can be tiled for flux competitive with 575 W arc-lamps.

Sampling of the CBM series begins in September 2008 with mass production in Q4 2008. The initial CBM series will consist of the following devices.

PhlatLight                   LED Emitting Area
CBM-220-RGB            22.0 mm2
CBM-270-RGBX*        27.0 mm2

* Multiple fourth colors will be available Q4 2008

PhlatLight White LEDs
Luminus will also debut a new family of PhlatLight white LEDs in various sizes. Like all PhlatLight LEDs they are designed for efficient, reliable, long-life operation over the industry’s widest operating range. With superior lumen output ranging from 1,600 lumens for the CBT-90 and exceeding 4,000 lumens for the CBM-360, these powerful new PhlatLight LEDs provide lighting designers an ultra-bright, point-source of white light with superior optical coupling enabling new applications with better optical system efficiency, breaking through the design limitations of conventional LEDs and LED arrays.

Sampling is planned for September 2008 with mass production in Q4 2008. The initial PhlatLight white LED product line will consist of the following devices.

PhlatLight                   LED Emitting Area
CBM-360-W                36.0 mm2                     Cool, Warm, Neutral
CBT-90-W                   9.0 mm2                       Cool, Warm, Neutral

All PhlatLight products are RoHS compliant and Luminus is ISO 9001 certified. Luminus has already secured 19 patents for PhlatLight LED technology and continues extensive research and development of the PhlatLight platform.

PhlatLight LEDs are supported by eco-system partners for lighting including National Semiconductor and Maxim for drivers, Fraen for optics, NuVentix for thermal management and Cypress Semiconductor for color management solutions.

Those attending LFI who would like to visit the Luminus exhibit at the Red Rock Ballroom on the 17th floor of the Marriott Suites, or the VIP cocktail reception on Tuesday, May 28 should contact Bill Keeler or Nicole Slein at 781-684-0770 or visit for more information. Luminus will have multiple daily drawings during LFI for visitors to win exciting PhlatLight powered HDTV and projector products by Samsung.

About Luminus Devices:
Luminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance solid state light sources for a variety of illumination applications, including high definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems. Its patented PhlatLight® (Photonic Lattice) LED products are the brightest and most versatile solid-state light sources available today and are enabling innovative products and applications never before possible. Luminus Devices’ headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Billerica, Massachusetts, U.S.A. For more information, visit and