RGB Tape | LUXTECH | Featured | Aug 13, 2018

LUXTECH Introduces FLEX Color, Architectural Grade RGB Tape

LUXTECH, a leading American manufacturer of architectural grade LED modules, introduces FLEX Color to their line of flexible LED strips. The RGB strip light is populated by high quality LEDs with tight binning to maintain color consistency.

It is 24V constant voltage and­ DMX controllable, providing flexibility for color mixing and compatibility with a wide range of systems.

“Our OEM customers love the experience of our FLEX tape line, so we're thrilled to introduce this new RGB product as color applications become a more and more prevalent way to make our built environment a great place to be human,” said LUXTECH product manager Jim Clarke.

FLEX Color is cuttable every 2.5 inches, has an LED pitch of 0.42 inch, and a minimum bend radius of 0.5 inch. It uses high performance 1+2 ounce copper. The tape enables color-changing capabilities in any form factor, with a max recommended length of 15 feet.

FLEX Color is available immediately. The specification sheet and other product data can be found on the LUXTECH website. For more information on how to purchase FLEX Color, please contact: sales@luxtechled.com.

LUXTECH is an LED component design and manufacturing company specializing in high quality LED modules and architectural grade lighting solutions. LUXTECH is a catalyst for health and well-being through human centric lighting systems. Their inventive custom engineering for natural lighting is advancing emotional wellness and productivity with the potential for global social impact. LUXTECH is located in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood.

325 Chestnut Street, Suite 1212
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: +1 215-494-3333

Contact Person: Jayme Dorfmann: jdorfmann@luxtechled.com


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