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Matrix Platform with Integrated Light Guides for Visual Comfort and Breakthrough Output and Efficiency

Lumileds announced today that its Matrix Platform light engines can achieve breakthrough lumen outputs and efficiencies, using its next generation Integrated Light Guide Technology. The revolutionary Integrated Light Guide Technology provides non-pixelated illumination for visual comfort and the flexibility to select tailored light distribution patterns in the design of indoor and outdoor luminaires.

The Integrated Light Guide plates can be combined with other Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies such as Integrated Driver Technology, Connectivity and Control and/or Dimming Electronics, to accelerate time-to-market of fixtures while meeting Design Light Consortium (DLC) Premium qualifications. “Lighting Manufacturers have been looking for high efficiency solutions with high lumen output that are ultra-thin in form factor, that also provide uniform and visually comfortable light without pixilation, for applications such as parking garages, area lighting and wall washers,” said Viral Hazari, Matrix Platform Product Line Director at Lumileds. “Our Matrix Platform helps solve customer challenges by providing unique light engine solutions.”

Controlling the light distribution is just as important as how much light is generated and at what efficacy. Lumileds Integrated Light Guide Technology provides the ability to control the beam and provides an integrated optical solution that enables superior visual comfort at desired light distributions (Lambertian, Type 3, 4, 5, Asymmetrical, Batwing). “Customers are always looking for better ways to control the light distribution of their luminaires to meet application specific requirements as well as DLC Premium requirements.  The Matrix Platform Integrated Light Guides open up a wide range of options for beam control to meet batwing light distribution for parking garages, type 3/4/5 light distribution for street lighting luminaires and asymmetrical and Lambertian light distribution for indoor lighting,” said Hazari.  

The Integrated Light Guide solutions can use high power or mid power LUXEON LEDs in a variety of color temperatures and CRI to achieve DLC Premium-qualified fixtures. Initial designs for outdoor fixtures have demonstrated 25,000 lm output at 128 lm/W system efficacy, surpassing the requirements of the DLC Premium specifications for outdoor lighting. For indoor area lighting, the Integrated Light Guide Technology is also attractive for its uniform distribution, visual comfort and high efficiency.

The Advanced Technologies of the Matrix Platform enable manufacturers to simplify and better manage the supply chain and accelerate time-to-market of luminaires to capture higher market share. Other Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies include the Oberon Intelligent Assembly pick-and-place system, which eliminates binning and allows LUXEON LED selection by parameters such as flux, Vf and/or flux. The Integrated Driver allows the best utilization of space for system optimization and slim, compact fixtures. The Matrix Platform’s Connectivity and Controls solutions allow rapid implementation of wireless controls to enable smart lighting with IoT solutions.

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