Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 12, 2014

MetroSpec Technology Transitioning to Nichia “D” Components

H. Vic Holec, President and CEO today announced that MetroSpec Technology will be transitioning to Nichia “D’ technology components used in their FlexRad™ products.

Over the next several months Nichia "D" technology components NF2x757DRT, NT2x757DRT, and NFSx757DT will be used in place of NF2x757ART-V1, NS2x757AT-V1, and NSSx757AT-V1 components. In early February, Nichia completed 6000 hours of LM80 testing of these new components. By late first quarter of 2014, yields are predicted to be such that efficacies will show improvement up to 15% over the prior V1 generation of "A" technology.

MetroSpec Technology customers will see no change to product designs or UL/ETL listings as these parts are completely compatible with the "A" technology parts. There will be no change in the excellent color control and consistency that Nichia parts have maintained.

Efficiencies will be higher by up to 15%. “This coupled with the fact that 757 V1 "A" components had previously improved by up to 15% in the past year, means many of the products our customers ship will show greatly improved performance,” explains Holec. It is highly advisable to retest photometrics for products using the new "D" technology parts, as there will be an excellent gain in efficiency.

For applications that do not benefit from more light output, it may be necessary to reduce operating current and wattage in order to keep the same intensity. In some applications, especially for products using NF2 emitters in the 0.1 to 0.5 watt per emitter range, the NT2 will offer considerable cost savings as a drop in replacement. MetroSpec will continue to use its special triple sort approach with all Nichia emitters – providing highest output consistency, color control, and dimming uniformity.

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About MetroSpec Technology:
MetroSpec Technology is leading manufacturer of privately labeled FlexRad LED light sources, exclusively for light fixture manufacturers. Its’ patented FlexRad LED technology provides customized solutions for architectural, commercial, residential, and signage manufacturing customers.


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