Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 12, 2010

More Than (just) a Clever LED Concept ...

Vossloh-Schwabe’s new suite of XP and HC Line, Spot and Mini LED modules provides a broad range of assembly options to suit any application.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, these modules are ideal for a wide variety of luminaire types and light intensities for home, shop and street lighting purposes.

These VDE-certified Line (8 LEDs, 200 x 15 mm), Spot (4 LEDs, Ø 45 mm) and Mini (4 LEDs, 50 x 10 mm) modules are all available with CREE XP-C, XP-E and XP-G LEDs. And as the clear highlight of the range, the high-CRI HC modules deliver an outstanding colour rendering value (Ra) of 85 when fitted with warm white LEDs.

For Vossloh-Schwabe, it is precisely this variety of options that goes to make these modules more than (just) a clever LED concept.