Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 31, 2010

New Design by HPI High Power LED Lightings

HPI introduced LED modules with excellent thermal performance, and easy replacement and maintenance.

Viewing the existing LED market, most of the LED lighting products encountered the similar problem; poor heat dispersion which generate light degradation, color shifting, etc. This causes pricing up to solve the problem and not accepted by the customers, this is also the same bottleneck from the LED manufacturers!

In terms of HPI LED T-Bar lightings, which have been gone through experiment and repeating test. The LED heat is dispersed through the Aluminum base plate and the whole panel. While HPI 's whole panel heat dispersion can efficiently reduce 30 degree C heat , its excellent thermal performance makes the maximum temperature less than 40°C. This will extend LED life and is HPI's innovation and strength.

By the way, HPI LED lightings uses the patent LED plug-in method, which allows LEDs to be easily replaced when one or more LED(s) failed. It is not necessary to ask for help from the maintenance electrician or discard the whole set if you can replace the failed one by yourself (DIY), but DIY is not recommended in some countries, due to law restrictions. However, it will reduce the maintenance costs. The technology is own designed by HPI and patented in Taiwan and China.