Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 18, 2011

OptoDrive Develops Minor Surgery LED Engine with 30klx and Excellent R9 Values

The new Svea LED Engine is the latest design in the Optodrive concept with less radiated heat and less energy consumption than any incandescent alternatives. A LED based light source that reach 30klx from such small size as 90mm (3.5”), easily integrated in Surgical light sources for high intensity illumination. Excellent possibilities to reach a perfect shadow control with multi array design and a crisp white light with excellent R9 values. Reduced heat output and prolong lifetime compared to conventional light sources.

Technically, a light source designed for Minor Surgery, Examination lights and other Medical applications as well as for Veterinarian use to meet the following directives: EN60601-2-41 IEC: 2000, UL60601-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 601.1-M-90.

The LED Engine is designed with an internal driver and is easy to connect in applications for 24-36VDC or with external wall outlet transformer. The efficiencies are the highest available on the market for such applications. Lenses are integrated with a viewing angle of 9.5°. Light intensity 30 000 lx in one meter distance with D50/D10 requirement fulfilled. The hexagon design form makes it easy to combine in different shapes and solutions. It can therefore easily be adopted in satellite combination or other Major Surgery applications.

The new OptoDrive SVEA 24W-LED medical module 4300K meet the demands for Australian hospitals and medical where all luminaries are required to comply with the Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) as per AS1680.2.5:1997.

The LED engine is designed for light fittings and luminaries aiming for the Minor Surgery and Medical area to meet the demands on high performance optical solutions in both light emitting and in color rendering. Mechanically it is constructed with our package design Svea (90 mm) that have the same footprint as all others in the family both for external drivers as well as built in driver for 110/230VAC.

Svea Package:
The same package is used for Down-, Spot-, Task- and Medical light fittings. The solution is developed to make it easy for the design engineers to mix between low to high power and from AC to DC in the same luminaries or in similar design. In the design concept there is standard dimmers with the same snap in connector (that fits the whole Optodrive concept™) as well as several heat sink designs with worldwide distribution.

Optodrive LED Modules:
Provide a superbly balanced light and excellent color reproduction. Many tasks demand extra accuracy in color perception, having achieved a Color Rendering Index value (CRI) which exceeds the standards of workplace lighting. OptoDrive LED modules provide the solution for many applications apart from Medical Lighting, such as, food retailing, art galleries, fashion/clothing displays.

Samples for Evaluation:
Samples are available at this moment for evaluation and full production starts in February 2011. Samples can be ordered from local distributor or via and datasheet can be downloaded via


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