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Optoga Introduces Fully Integrated DALI 230 VAC LED Module

A new revolutionary LED module has seen the light at Optoga! Instead of large and bulky drivers, luminaire manufacturers can now really make their products extra premium for their customers. With a new DALI LED technology innovation, the Swedish company Optoga AB has created a remarkable new technology with unique benefits: a lighting module with a standardized communication protocol, without limits.

The Clara AC DALI 230VAC is packed with cutting edge technology. Even the smallest detail has been refined and improved, and the energy consumption is among the lowest in the industry. Luminaire manufacturers can directly integrate DALI without any change in fixture construction or design. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%!

Tough lighting requirements:

Optoga is specialized in LED technology and supplies light modules and related technologies worldwide. Stefan Larsson, CEO, says. “For many years, we have developed and integrated intelligent communication into our LED modules which our customers can deploy quickly and easily. When we started developing the DALI platform, we were also given the task of developing a better and energy-efficient lighting solution for a customer and this is the result”

The requirements were tough. The design and the new technology should not be hard to implement and simply be functional and invisible. But both we and our customer wanted a quality light engine with superior performance with an advanced communication capability beyond what is usual. The light source should also have the highest color render and light quality.

LED light with many features:

The light should also be more functional, extremely energy-efficient and should not be more expensive than earlier conventional LED drivers. The fact that we made it so small that it could be integrated directly into the LED module was initially very challenging because we internally assumed that the costs would exceed the budget, and that the quality of the light would be worse. “There are still many that believe that 230VAC LED products are not safe, not to mention with DALI communication added. The development progressed quickly and our LED modules are able to provide high quality color rendering, color temperature and a comfortable ambience”, explains Stefan. Overall, the new lighting device is significantly more cost effective than previous solutions.

Up to 80% lower energy consumption:

The LED light source includes electronics that improve quality and functionality while further reducing energy consumption. This required energy-efficient solutions. “The existing analogue technology used in previous solutions consumes approximately the same amount of energy. The difference is that the new one is significantly more controllable as we have complemented the lighting to achieve additional features and have improved the user experience’’.

Communication through DALI should make it easier for the end users by simplifying the use of different settings and adding application options. Lighting management should make our customers’ luminaires more flexible with easier system integration. But can it be easier? Yes, when mounting our DALI module, there are only 2 screws required and a single connector.

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About Optoga:

Optoga AB was founded in November 2004. We develop and provide optimized LED-light solutions, integrated light engines and software solutions to the Lighting Industry, automotive and electric companies. We enable luminaire manufacturers to focus on satisfying their end-customers with a perfect light, quicker and simpler. With the OptoDrive® LED-light engines, Optoga has taken the initiative to replace strip lights, incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED-based sources. -