Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 28, 2013

Oree Expands Planar LED Light Source Offerings

Oree Illumination Solutions Inc. (Israel), developer of LED-based planar lighting technology, has announced the market availability of several new products, expanding its LightCell™ Plus range to include a Quad version and an Ivory White line.

The Quad is a larger version of the Solo and Duo LightCell products, delivering modularity for design flexibility. The typical lumen package of the Quad is 1400 lumen, the dimensions of the illuminated area are 7 x 28 cm. Other product features like thinness, CCT range and CRI are the same as those of the Solo and Duo versions.

Another eye-catching new product is the Plus Ivory White line. Contrary to the usual yellow appearance of remote phosphor products in “off state,” the new Oree LightCell has an ivory white appearance. This product is an answer to customer requests for such a color in “off state.” The Plus Ivory Line starts with the launch of LightCells (Solo, Duo and Quad) with a CCT of 3000K; 2700 and 4000K versions will follow later this year.

“This expansion of our Plus range enables our customer to utilize Oree’s planar lighting technology in a wider variety of applications,” said Dirk Pieter Smedema, VP of sales and marketing at Oree. “We expect these new products will accelerate market adoption of our technology and lead to the creation of exciting new lighting products.”

About Oree:
Oree develops, manufactures and sells innovative LED planar light sources, based upon a product concept called LightCell™. Oree’s technology addresses the needs of the general lighting market, enabling thin and efficient illumination of large areas. Oree’s patented technology allows general lighting manufacturers to significantly increase system efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of LED-based systems. For more information visit:


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