Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 12, 2012

Philips Introduces the Zhaga Certified Fortimo LED Spotlight Module Tight Beam for Accent Lighting

Fortimo LED spotlight module (SLM) Tight Beam is the latest LED lighting innovation from Philips for retail environments. Its extremely small but powerful light emitting surface produces 1,100 lm, producing high central candela power in combination with a small reflector design. It is also the first Zhaga certified Philips LED module on the market, having been tested by Dekra-Netherlands, one of the approved Zhaga testing houses.

Philips’ LUXEON S technology allows the Fortimo LED SLM Tight Beam to provide high light output out of the smallest possible light source. The Tight Beam module offers significant benefits in fashion retail environments as the small light source enables retailers to create a greater degree of contrast, showcasing fabrics and colours at their best, and making merchandise more attractive to customers.

Fortimo LED SLM Tight Beam offers retailers a high center beam intensity and beam uniformity. Products illuminated by a Fortimo LED SLM Tight Beam will always look bright and vivid due to its colour rendering index of over 80, and perfect red rendering and colour consistency.

Pim Kemps, Philips Product Manager for Spotlight LED modules, OEM Lighting Sources & Electronics: “Fortimo LED SLM Tight Beam offers retail store owners the possibility of more dramatic illumination of merchandise. This lighting solution really enables ‘stopping power’ as the sharp contrasts make objects appear raised out of their surrounding environments to attract maximum attention from shoppers.’’

Fortimo LED SLM Tight Beam is part of the second generation of Fortimo LED spotlight systems and is commercially available.


For further information, please contact:

Eline van Santvoort
Philips OEM Light Sources & Electronics EMEA