Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 08, 2010

PhotonStar Technology Ltd. to Launch “ChromaWhite” Range of High CRI White Colour Tuneable LED Modules

PhotonStar Technology Ltd., the technology business behind PhotonStar LED Ltd and their award winning luminaires will be launching their innovative range of ChromaWhite TM white colour tuneable LED modules at Lux Live on 9th November. The ChromaWhite modules are produced in a number of popular light engine footprints and with lumen packages between 600 and 2500 lumens available initially in CLE and SLLE footprints. Compatible with a wide range of existing components, the CLE version also features pre-mix technology optimised for spot reflectors.

ChromaWhite TM are the first LED light engine modules in the market to provide a combination of tuning (2700K – 6500K) with both very high CRI (>90 across tuning range) and high efficiencies. The modules include a number of advanced features to ensure performance over lifetime, including ColourLocTM - an on board colour feedback loop which gives colour stability to a 2 MacAdam Ellipse stability over life. This direct feedback approach eliminates LED colour shift over the product lifetime. ThermaLocTM provides advanced adaptive thermal protection in the event of an installation fault causing overheating. CRILocTM maintains the CRI over Ra90 across the tuning range and LumenLoc TM ensures that the lumen package is accurately maintained over product lifetime.

The ChromaWhite TM colour mix technology has been thoroughly proven in the challenging film and TV environment where the sensitivity of cameras requires CRI >98, and has now been developed for general lighting. The colour quality for ChromaWhite TM is excellent and at 4000k the Ra is 95 but critically the R9 and R14 performance is above 90 as well. The LED light engines contain the high thermal performance Chip on Board (COB) technology platform InnovateTM . The standard ChromaWhite TM SLLE and CLE light engine modules are continuously colour tuneable from 2700K to 6500K using 2 channel control from most common digital dimming systems such as DMX, DSI and 1-10V. This has already won the EoN Light Source of the Year in the Lighting Association awards 2011.

In addition, “ChromaWhite Tungsten+” CLE light engine modules have been designed to emulate traditional halogen lamps by warming when dimmed with digital single channel input. The Tungsten + CTT is 2400K at 3%, rising to 3000K at full power and 90% dimming when un-dimmed the CCT is 4000k to give an increase in apparent brightness. This has been shortlisted in the “Light Source and Controls of the Year” section of the inaugural Lux awards to be presented on 9th November.

PhotonStar LED Group is a regular member of Zhaga and recently raised an additional £1.35M through a placing of shares on AIM to fund high volume production of the ChromaWhite TM modules.


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