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Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 12, 2013

Retail Desire for Brilliant Lighting Drives New LED Module Development at Xicato

Xicato, a leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, announced today that it has expanded its Vibrant Series offerings to include both a 1300 lumen and 2000 lumen option alongside its 3000 lumen module. Introduced in July, the Vibrant Series has been quickly adopted by designers, merchandisers and brand managers to support their efforts to differentiate and create compelling experiences for customers.

"With Xicato's Vibrant Series we've discovered a previously unfulfilled need for light that is crisper, brighter and makes colors really sing," said Rolf Hurbin of Senso Lighting in Canada. "With the new light output options it will be easier create tailored environments and focus attention exactly as desired by our clients."

The new 1300 and 2000 lumen modules are fully backward compatible with other Xicato XSM modules. This means that if a luminaire currently uses a 1300 lumen Standard Series module, the new Vibrant Series module can be directly swapped for it without re-engineering which gives the manufacturer a path to instant expansion of their product line.

"A portfolio of 'light' has become essential for designers and specifiers, particularly those working in retail environments where we see the rapid integration of light, sound, visuals and intersection with the connected world," said Joanna Brace, VP Marketing at Xicato. "Our color scientists and engineers work closely with the lighting, design and retail communities to design and produce high quality light that supports their needs and accelerates business growth."

The design of Xicato's Vibrant Series light is based on original research conducted in the lighting laboratory at the Instituut Lichtontwerpen in Amsterdam by Colette Knight, Ph.D., an independent lighting application specifier and researcher. Color scientists at Xicato were able to use the feedback of more than 60 subjects to design a new light emission spectrum that makes whites, blues and reds in particular appear richer and more vibrant and adds visual depth to textures like denim, leather or lace.

About Xicato:
Xicato is changing the way the world sees and experiences light. We believe that with better light, shoppers will buy more, diners will order more and guests will be more comfortable and happier with their experiences. In turn, better lighting will contribute to higher sales, margins and brand value. Xicato has engineered new sources of light, Standard, Artist and Vibrant that capture the human preference for experiencing light in different ways and extend the range of choices for the lighting design community. The true value of Xicato light lies in delivering on the aesthetic and economic potential of LEDs: the quality of light, its efficacy and ownership cost for all environments including retail, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and residences.