Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 30, 2014

Seoul Semiconductor Introduces Acrich Based Module for Omnidirectional Lamps

Seoul Semiconductor, a global leader in LED technology, on July 29th announced the release of a new Acrich module designed for omnidirectional lamps. This new module is comprised of the Acrich MJT 2525 series LED along with Seoul Semiconductor's latest generation of Acrich3 driver IC and a reflector optic.

•    Acrich Module with MJT 2525 series LED and Acrich3 driver IC
•    Easy-to-use solution optimized for omnidirectional lamps to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements
•    Incorporates Seoul Semiconductor's proprietary Acrich Multi-Junction (MJT) chip technology
•    Acrich3 driver IC solution designed to work with most existing TRIAC or phase-controlled dimmers

The Acrich MJT 2525 series LED with dimensions of 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm and a wide beam angle has industry leading lumen density of 15 lm/mm². It incorporates Seoul Semiconductor's proprietary Acrich Multi-Junction chip technology to create the high voltage LED package. The Acrich3 IC is the latest generation driver IC that can work directly from the AC mains. It enables lower cost driver solutions and is designed to work with existing TRIAC or phase-controlled dimmers without sacrificing on power quality or efficiency. All LEDs and the driver IC are incorporated on one single board, 38 mm diameter, making the light engine easy to use in an A19 form factor.

Along with the light engine comes an innovative reflector solution that has been optimized to create the omnidirectionality of the light pattern. An optional heat bridge could also be used to improve thermal dissipation of the light engine.

Seoul Semiconductor Executive Vice President of Lighting sales, Jay Kim has stated that, "The new Acrich A19 module is optimized for the performance and cost requirements of the retrofit lamp market.” He added “This new module combines the light source, driver, optics and primary thermal management in a single, compact system, simplifying designs and lowering costs for lighting manufacturers".

About Seoul Semiconductor:
Seoul Semiconductor ( manufactures and packages a wide selection of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the automotive, general illumination/lighting, appliance, signage, and back lighting markets. The company is the world’s fourth largest LED supplier, holding more than 10,000 patents globally, while offering a wide range of LED technology and production capacity in areas such as “nPola”, deep UV LEDs, "Acrich", the world’s first semiconductor light source that operates directly from both AC and DC power supplies, and "Acrich Multi-Junction technology," a proprietary family of high-voltage LEDs. The company’s broad product portfolio includes a wide array of package and device choices such as AC-driven LEDs, high-brightness LEDs, mid-power LEDs, side-view LEDs, through-hole type LED lamps, custom displays, and sensors.