Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010 Introduces Rebel Board 48 LED Light Panel introduces a new All-In-One LED board product. This design utilizes up to 48 Luxeon Rebels and contains drivers, PWM dimming adjustment, and thermal control in one easy to manage and implement LED light board.

The customer simply applies 12 volts and sets the light levels with push buttons to adjust 4 independent color circuits.  Cooling control is automatic and self adjusting.

• 1 Foot Square (304mm x 304mm x 22mm)
• Typical delivery of 5,760 Lumens with 48 Luxeon Cool White LXML-PWC1-0100 (400mA)
• On-Board PWM control
• Clustered LED design with 4 circuits for maximum color mixing
• On-board thermal control and fan cooling capability
• Operating board temperatures less than 65 degree C
• Extremely low in cost
• 24 Volt Configuration Optional
• Off-Board PWM Configuration Optional
• Off-Board Driver Configuration Optional
The Rebel Board 48 is a universal and modular offering designed to serve the needs of over-head lighting, out-door signage, video/photography, aquarium lighting, plant growth lighting, and a variety of other applications.
With regard to this delivery of Stadium spotlight products in the UK, an official of Seoul Semiconductor said, “Recently, seeing that various kinds of LED lighting products are being developed in a number of European countries including the UK, Seoul Semiconductor can deliver customized products which meet the constantly changing needs of clients. It is expected that Seoul Semiconductor’s products will be exported in large quantities not only to the UK, but also to all over Europe.”
About SolidStateLEDLighting:
Formerly AsianSignals, is an American managed Thai company operating out of Asia.  We specialize in larger scale computer controlled and programmable LED lighting systems.  We also offer custom design services for those who need unique LED lighting assemblies.  Our in-house product lines include LED mounting boards, computer control, and now All-In-One board products. For more information on the Rebel Board 48 and our other LEDs offering please contact us at or visit us as