Products, Materials + Tools | May 12, 2010

TerraLUX’s New Intelligent MR16 Compatible LED Module

TerraLUX, Inc. announced today the introduction of the first in a series of intelligent LED modules aimed at reducing the cost and complexity of bringing the benefits of solid-state lighting to existing general illumination applications.

The TLM-R16 LED module can be quickly designed into a variety of existing MR16 halogen fixtures thanks to significant advancements in thermal management and compatibility with halogen transformers.

The key to the 1.8 inch diameter module’s abilities is an integrated microprocessor-based drive technology that employs TerraLUX’s patented and proven LEDSenseTM thermal management program and a breakthrough Dynamic Transformer Recognition feature that allows smooth, wide-range dimming operation with existing, cost-effective low-voltage halogen transformers—be they magnetic or electronic.

“For the first time, lighting fixture manufacturers have a complete, high performance, cost-effective LED module option that performs as required by lighting designers, and is simple and cost-effective to deploy” said CEO Jim Miller. “TerraLUX will continue to develop and deliver unique LED technology that reduces cost and time to market for OE fixture manufacturers”.

The LEDSenseTM thermal management program utilizes LM-80 data provided by the LED manufacturer. By constantly monitoring and managing LED temperatures, LEDSenseTM ensures that the module will deliver long-term lumen maintenance.  “Since we can rely on LEDSenseTM to keep LED and other component temperatures within the manufacturer’s prescribed operating range, there is no need to build in thermal headroom or limit light output from the LEDs”, said TerraLUX Vice President of Engineering, Dan Harrison. “Regardless of the module position, type of fixture, or environmental temperature, fixture makers, lighting designers, and users can be assured that the maximum amount of light is being delivered while preserving long-term performance.”

The TLM-R16 operates from 12V-24V AC or DC input, consuming a maximum of 16 watts while delivering the light output performance of higher wattage halogen bulbs. TerraLUX will specify a variety of compatible low-voltage transformers for both static and dimming applications.

The module is available in 3000k, 4000k and 5000k CCT variants and three standard beam angles. Adding an optional off-the-shelf mating heatsink from TerraLUX will allow OEM fixture manufacturers to generate LED versions of existing MR16 Halogen applications with very minimal design effort.

TerraLUX will display the new module at this week’s LIGHTFAIR International Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About TerraLUX Inc.:
TerraLUX Inc. is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and invents, designs, patents, manufactures and distributes innovative high power LED OEM solutions for general lighting as well as industrial, commercial, medical and retail markets. TerraLUX also produces LED Embedded Light Modules to replace incandescent bulbs in commercial lighting as well as many popular flashlights and lighting tools. LED lighting is energy efficient and can provide significant relief from current energy consumption. 

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