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Tivoli Boosts Design Opportunities with Its New Ground Breaking Elite Series TivoTape™

Without a doubt, LED Tape Light has become a staple in most Lighting Designers creative palette’s. However, there have been some limitations which have challenged that creativity, and Tivoli Lighting has continued to work hard solving those challenges. In regards to Low Voltage LED Tape Light, there is a distinct difference between maximum load lengths to maintain Class II listed status and the maximum run lengths before experiencing significant voltage drop, which will result in lumen loss. Tivoli has solved that with the design of our proprietary Zero Drop Elite TivoTape™. Most LED Tape uses from 1-3 oz of copper for the traces. TivoTape™ Elite embodies 4oz copper traces.

Feature and Benefits:
•    4 oz. Copper Trace
•    3 Wattage ratings with the same high density spacing for a variety of run lengths
•    317 to 826 Lumens Per Foot
•    CRI 96 | R9 83
•    100 to 119 Lm/W Efficacy
•    1.5 Step McAdam Ellipse
•    Title 24 JA8 Compliant (California)
•    2200, 2400, 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000 K CCT available
•    ExoShield IP54 Coated
•    Zero pixilation in most extrusion with milky white and frosted lenses

For years, Tivoli Lighting would state maximum run lengths, being that in which the initial lumens are maintained across the entire length. Unfortunately, many in the industry selling tape would state maximum run lengths are at the maximum load at 96 watts. While this may have benefited with locking specifications, it does not do the end user customer a service. Electrical code allows for max loading on 96 watt power supplies, however, this can trip in-line safety breakers and result in voltage drop thus lumens degradation over distance.

From a design perspective, the voltage drop by the end of the run of Standard Tape cut to max load is significant enough that when a second run is placed in line along with the first, there is a significant visible difference in brightness.

Tivoli has solved voltage drop in LED Tape Light with the design of our proprietary Zero Drop Elite TivoTape™. Most LED Tape uses from 1-3 oz of copper for the traces. TivoTape™ Elite embodies 4 oz copper traces.

Elite TivoTape’s™ 4 oz. Copper trace allows for unparalleled thermal and electronic management that equals longer runs with virtually no lumen drop. Traditional tapes utilize 1-3 oz. traces which prove to reduce voltage over distance thus reducing maximum run lengths. When voltage drops, so do lumens toward the end of each maximum electronic run length. In some popular design elements this can result in gradations of intensity in the desired effect. Elite TivoTape™ has solved this issue with another industry first by Tivoli. Additionally, 4 oz. traces provide greater durability and thermal management which can increase the overall systems life time.

High CRI is an industry standard request for flexible tape in today’s market. Elite TivoTape™ offers a High Color Rendering Index, making colors pop with 94+ CRI. Tight LED spacing of the 2835 diodes produce zero scalping within our narrowest depth profile and a binning tolerance of 1.5 MacAdam Ellipse keeps consistent color throughout your project giving you expected results in quality lighting.

For additional information on the Elite TivoTape™, please visit

About Tivoli, LLC:

Tivoli, LLC is the industry innovator in LED based auditorium lighting products, with 50 years of experience in low voltage step, aisle and lighting for movie theaters. If the product doesn’t say Tivoli on it, more than likely it is a copy or imitation.
Oscar Wilde once quoted “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” To learn more about Tivoli, visit, or call us at 714-957-6101.


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