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Components | LED Modules | AC LED Modules | Oct 20, 2017

Tridonic Introduces Complete Package for Luminaire Upgrades

Tridonic announces its LLE AC G1 modules, the first economic single-component solution tailored to linear luminaires. Their slim construction, integrated electronics and availability in different lengths open up a wide range of designs for elegant low-profile luminaires. This solution provides a simple upgrade option for conventional T5/T8 fluorescent luminaires.

Main Features:
•    Module with integrated electronics
•    Ideal for linear luminaires
•    Economic one-piece solution
•    Enables thin designs of luminaries
•    Typ. luminous flux (HO) 2,400 lm, 4,800 lm, 6,000 lm, 6,200 lm and 7,500 lm
•    High system efficacy up to 131 lm/W (HE), 120 lm/W (HO)
•    Colour temperatures 3,000, 4,000 and 6,500 K
•    Module dimensions 24 x 560 mm, 24 x 1,150 mm and 24 x 1,450 mm
•    High colour rendering index CRI > 80
•    Colour tolerance MacAdam 5
•    Perfect homogenous light with LINEAR COVER SY Diffuse
•    Push terminals for quick and simple wiring
•    Simple installation (e.g. ACL ENDCAP PUSH-FIX)
•    Self-cooling (no additional heat sink required)
•    Long life-time: 50,000 hours
•    5-year guarantee

Anyone looking to modernise a lighting installation with a view to not only improving efficiency but also minimising costs will find the right components in the AC range for linear lighting. The driver is already integrated on the board and the module is self-cooling. It is therefore ideal for quick and direct installation in the luminaire – either for upgrading from T5/T8 to LEDs or for replacing existing LED modules. Generation 1 of the LLE-AC modules is available in three lengths (560 mm, 1150 mm and 1450 mm) and in three type-dependent lumen packages (2400 lm, 4800 lm and 6200 lm). These options enable most standard single-lamp luminaires to be upgraded. System efficiency depends on the switchable operating mode – 131 lm/W for High Efficiency (HE) mode or 120 lm/W for High Lumen Output (HO) mode.

For upgrading two-lamp luminaires the range includes modules with a particularly high lumen output of up to 7,500 lm. With just one module from this series it is possible, for example, to upgrade a conventional two-lamp T5-2x54W luminaire.

There is also choice of high-quality covers for a wide range of lighting tasks – shelf lighting for example. The ACL Linear diffuser cover provides homogeneous distribution of light.

Upgrades made easy:

The module with integrated electronics, self-cooling, lighting technology and a packet of mounting accessories allows the LLE AC to be installed easily as a retrofit. Upgrading luminaires from broader modules to the new slim design of the LLE AC is made easier with the “Bridge” component, and the ACL push-fix end cap provides an attractive visual finish to the luminaire. Plug-in terminals are used for quick and simple wiring. The upgraded luminaires offer improved quality of light, an impressively long life of 50,000 hours and reduced energy costs.

For more details on the new LLE AC G1 modules, please visit

About Tridonic:

As a leading international supplier of intelligent and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic supports its customers and business partners on their journey to success with intelligent, impressive and sustainable lighting. Our lighting components offer optimum quality, maximum reliability and considerable energy savings, giving our customers a great competitive advantage.
Tridonic continually brings innovations and state-of-the-art lighting solutions to market. 95 percent of our R&D projects are devoted to the development new LED systems and technologies for connected light. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and our know-how in vertical lighting applications (in areas such as sales, hospitality, office and education, outdoor and industry), leading luminaire manufacturers, architects, electrical planners, lighting designers, electrical contractors and wholesalers place their trust in Tridonic for their indoor and outdoor lighting.
Tridonic is the technology company in the Zumtobel Group and has its headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria. In the 2016/17 fiscal year, Tridonic achieved sales of 377.2 million euros. 1,590 highly qualified employees and sales partners in more than 50 countries throughout the world reflect the company’s commitment to the development and introduction of new, intelligent and connected lighting systems. With more than 40 million light points installed per year, Tridonic has a crucial role to play in connected lighting as a key component and important infrastructure for the “Internet of Things”. For more information, please visit