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Willighting Releases Super Bright Flexible SMD4014 LED Strip with Infineon IC

Willighting releases a new and super bright flexible SMD4014 strip. With constant current Infineon IC driver, the leds’ brightness will be higher, about 3500 lm/m in white and won’t be changed anything when the input voltage changes a little. What’s more, the LEDs on the strip can’t be seen when the strip is in a state of work which is another special advantage compare to other strips. The PCB could be gold-layered to avoid any oxidation.

•    High-performance silicon for extremely long life and flexibility
•    Constant current IC driver: Infineon BCR402R
•    Uniform color
•    Cuttable
•    Universally applicable mounting profile for single or double-sided light boxes
•    Very high brightness
•    With 3M tape

•    The width of the led strip is 12 mm.
•    105 pcs of 50 cm length led strips for 5m per roll.
•    210 pcs of leds per meter.

Optical Parameter:
•    Votlage:  24VDC
•    Wattage:  28W/M
•    Viewing angle: 120°

Item No







3500 lm


6500 K


Nature white

3500 lm


4000 K


Warm white

3200 lm


3200 K

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