Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 09, 2011

Xicato Extends the Spot Module Range: Up to 100% Flux Increases with 50% Efficacy Improvement

The Xicato Spot Module range, firmly established for accent lighting over the last two years, now has arrived into general lighting territory with range improvements encompassing up to 50% efficacy increases and range extensions that include a doubling of flux to 2000lm.

All modules have the same form factor with the same interfaces. For example, if a module has 400lm or 2000lm the 22mm diameter aperture remains the optical interface and therefore no change in optics is needed. There is even backward thermal compatibility within the range. For example, the 1300lm module (which can perform on a par with a 20W CMH lamp) can be used on a heat sink designed for a 1000lm module, preventing the need for luminaire design changes. Future proofing is a hallmark of this design concept.

Efficacy increases of up to 50% have led to the launch of luminaires complying with stringent efficacy limits (for example the UK Building Regulations Part L with its 55lm/W at system level requirement in some areas) without any compromise in light quality: with color point stability, color rendering or evenness in intensity distribution. Producing these efficacies in such a small form factor and within the context of such a stringent light technical specification, including the industry best, sustained, color point tolerance is unique in the lighting industry.

Higher lumen packages of up to 2000lm can now address general lighting applications and compete with 2 x 18W CFL downlighters in attractive office, hospitality or public areas. Also effective Accent Factors even with background illumination levels of 750lux become possible in retail applications.

These 1300 and 2000lm Xicato Spot Modules, with CCTs of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, a CRI of >80 and efficacies of up to 78lm/W depending upon drive current, join the existing 400, 700 and 1000lm modules in March 2011.

For additional information please visit or contact your regional representative:
Roger Sexton on +44 7525715497(EU) -
Noboru Kaito on +81 50 5534 3168 (Japan)
Ron Steen on + 1 847 380 2773 (US) -  

About Xicato:
Xicato is a Solid State Lighting company founded by seasoned industry professionals, with offices located in Silicon Valley, California (HQ), London and Tokyo.
Xicato develops, manufactures and globally markets LED modules that simply are functional replacements for traditional lamp technologies, offering all the life and energy-saving advantages of LEDs with no light-technical or aesthetic compromises. Xicato provides industry-leading specifications via an open approach with a global circle of leading end-users, specifiers and luminaire manufacturers. Xicato is committed to address the whole broad sphere of the general illumination world, taking on segment by segment with its focus on continuous innovation.


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