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Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 06, 2014

Xicato Improves XLM Module's Efficacy, Lifetime and Adds Halogen Quality Light and Dimmability

Xicato, a leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, is addressing a 'gap' in lighting designers' portfolios with the XLM LED module which has a rectangular light emitting surface that enables an efficient rectangular beam with light quality that rivals that of halogen lamps.

"More than 20 years ago, high output halogen lamps were essentially obsoleted with the advent of ceramic metal halide lamps (CMH)," said Thor Scordelis, Xicato's Global Product Manager. "The CMH lamps offered longer life and better efficacy than halogen and ably replicated halogen's beam and light output but the efficacy and lifetime gains required sacrificing both the quality and consistency of the light. XLM requires no sacrifices."

"Working closely with designers we've found that by using XLM in our luminaires we can directly address the need for uniform rectangular beams that are so often needed and make a significant improvement to the lighting design," said Manfred Raffler, COO of OMS.

Most lit spaces are in some way rectangular or square and most light sources emit a round beam. This is fine for downlights but for wall washing, asymmetric uplighting and certain types of accent lighting, a rectangular beam is often preferred. Xicato addresses this problem with a rectangular light emitting surface on its XLM LED module. The XLM incorporates Xicato's Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® and adheres to the company's exacting standards for color quality and consistency initially and over time.

Today luminaire manufacturers are incorporating the XLM module into a range of solutions for lighting designers to choose from including track lighting, wall washers, recessed lighting and other form factors. Examples of available XLM luminaires can be seen in Xicato's luminaire gallery where solutions from global lighting companies including Lighting Services Inc, Projection Lighting, OMS, Electron, Edison Price, Wila, Times Square Lighting, Arcluce, PSM, Exterus, Forma Lighting and Stratas.

Complete information about Xicato's XLM LED Module is available from the company's website. XLM is available in both Standard Series and Artist Series light with light output up to 4000 lumens.

About Xicato:
Xicato is changing the way the world sees and experiences light. We believe that with better light, shoppers will buy more, diners will order more and guests will be more comfortable and happier with their experiences. In turn, better lighting will contribute to higher sales, margins and brand value. Xicato has engineered new sources of light, Standard, Artist and Vibrant that capture the human preference for experiencing light in different ways and extend the range of choices for the lighting design community. The true value of Xicato light lies in delivering on the aesthetic and economic potential of LEDs: the quality of light, its efficacy and ownership cost for all environments including retail, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and residences.