Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 11, 2014

Xicato® Introduces New XTM Zhaga Compatible, High Efficacy, Cost Effective LED Module

Xicato, enablers of the Internet of Lights, today announced availability of its new XTM module. With more than 100 lumens per Watt at operating temperatures, XTM is a cost effective module that outperforms competitors by as much as 20% in its 1300, 2000 and 3000 lumen packages. The Zhaga compatible mechanical interface enables virtually any luminaire manufacturer to quickly and easily incorporate XTM into existing luminaires and for the first time offer Xicato's renowned light quality and consistency to a broader portion of the professional lighting market without sacrificing system efficiency. Xicato has dramatically reduced the size of its Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®, the innovation that enables the company to maintain consistent color and quality of light over time by keeping the remote phosphor cool.

XTM LED Module Features:
•    Standard, Artist, & Vibrant Series
•    400 lm to 5000 lm
•    100 + lm/Watt
•    2700 K to 4000 K CCT
•    No UV Emissions
•    Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®
•    Zhaga Compatible

"Even with the growth in LED technology, development cycles in the lighting industry tend to be lengthy," said Thor Scordelis, Global Product Manager at Xicato. "XTM lets our current and new customers get going quickly with new fixtures that make Xicato's light available to a big portion of the market."

Xicato's ability to provide engineered light that is consistent, reliable and uniform over time is unchanged and the XTM will be available in Xicato's full light quality portfolio: Standard Series™, Artist Series® and Vibrant Series™, eight flux options from 400 lumens to 5000 lumens and a full range of correlated color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K. General sampling of XTM will coincide with this year's Light +Building show and production volumes will be available in June for 1300, 2000 and 3000 lumen options with the balance through the 2nd half of the year.

The company will continue to provide customers with comprehensive support, including identification of complementary electronic, optical and thermal components to customers so that customers' efforts are greatly reduced and solutions can be brought to market more quickly and with greater confidence.

The new XTM can be seen at the upcoming LEDucation 8 conference and exhibition in New York later opening March 18th and on the Agora Plaza at Light + Building in Frankfurt which opens on March 30th.

For additional information, please download the preliminary datasheets of the XMT Vibrant and the XMT Standard series or visit the related XMT product page

About Xicato:
Xicato is enabling the Internet of Lights and empowering architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces people love to live and work in. We design and build intelligent LED modules that integrate the best quality and most efficient light with software, sensors and connectivity. With Xicato, spaces and buildings can be simply managed from anywhere, using any device. For further information visit:
Xicato's headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan and throughout Europe. Founded in 2007, Xicato's focus on high quality light and reliability has won praise from the lighting community and end-users alike and was recently recognized as "Best Industrial Partner" by the Professional Lighting Design community. Installations using Xicato range from retail and museums to restaurants and hotels.


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