Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 22, 2013

YEG Opto Announces to Provide their own LED Panels - the YEEMMP98 Series

The YEG Opto LED panel incorporates an array of Samsung MP23 mid power LEDs to provide various light intensity outputs depending upon the constant current driver rating. The panel is designed to operate with a maximum 24W, 1050mA, or less, constant current LED driver, (see the specification tables in PDF download). The YEEMMP98 panel is intended to be used as a general purpose 2D CFL replacement light source within almost any form of luminaire design.

YEG Part Numbers YEE-MMP98-XX80-1001
Where XX is the LED colour temperature:
27 = 2700K, 30 = 3000K
Colour Temperatures (K) 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 5600, 6500
CRI 80 (minimum)
Forward Voltage (Vf) 19 - 24V (21V typical)
Light Output(500mA) 1529lm at 2700 to 3500K (typical)
Light Output(700mA) 1911lm at 2700 to 3500K (typical)
Light Output(1050mA) 2803lm at 2700 to 3500K (typical)
Light Output(500mA) 1588lm at 4000 to 6500K (typical)
Light Output(700mA) 1985lm at 4000 to 6500K (typical)
Light Output(1050mA) 2910lm at 4000 to 6500K (typical)

The panel also has the facility for a 1W white LED to be fitted for use in maintained or non-maintained emergency luminaires via a separate emergency constant current (350mA or 500mA) LED driver circuit together with a small green test/status LED. This emergency LED could also be used as a separate night light instead.

7 different Colour temperatures are available ranging from 2700k to 6500k. The panel has four fixing holes for mounting within a carcass; each hole has a 4mm clearance. There is also another hole available for emergency drivers that already provide the green test indicator as a 5mm dome style LED.

Connection to the YEEMMP98 panel is via individual circuit push down terminals, two are provided for the main LED lamp array, two for the 1W emergency LED and a further two for the on board emergency test LED, if the emergency feature is requested.

Detailed information about YEG Opto's YEEMMP98 Series LED panels ara available at or in the YEG Opto YEEMMP98 Datasheet.

About YEG Opto:
A division of the Young Electronics Group, YEG Opto specialises in the supply, integration and distribution of LED products and associated components.
We work with businesses that wish to convert traditional lighting or display applications to utilise LED technology or to develop a new LED product. Within these pages you will find a range of solutions for opto electronics which will demonstrate that YEG Opto are the ideal partner.
Our experienced team have specialist knowledge of LED technology and practical experience of working with businesses in the lighting and display/signage sectors and can advise you on and help you with all aspects of your design according to your needs, including:
• Choosing and supplying the correct LED for your product
• Advising on and supplying, the optimal power supply solution
• Defining and solving the problems of thermal management
• Designing and supplying the correct drivers and controllers
• Helping you to define and supplying a range of secondary optics
• PCB layout and production
• Sub assembly and logistics
We have a total range of solutions supplying world leading brands such as Seoul Semiconductor, EOI and Samsung.  Our product range includes LEDs, LED Drivers, LED Optics and Thermal Solutions for LED lighting, LED displays and signage applications with design-in, flexible UK and overseas sub assembly services and logistics assistance tailored to your specific requirements.


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