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Alternative low energy consumption applications: Lenses PL35xxRV Series

Energy Conservation is the most important problem which the World shall face during the next few years. According to recent scientific research, if all the lighting fixtures in the world were replaced by alternative low energy consumption appliances, we would avoid to discharge more than 270 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In economic terms, this corresponds to around 50 billion euros saving per annum.

Based on these important considerations, the use of alternative energy sources, such as LED lighting, is more and more important in order to meet these new requirements in the near future. At present, most LED lamps must comply with MR11, MR16, AR111 Standards which replaces the old “plug and play” products with new LED systems. To meet these new requirements, Khatod has created different types of products complying with these standards:

Standard MR11:
- single lens;
- NJC single lens available in Narrow Beam, Medium Beam and Wide Beam;
- triple lens available in Narrow Beam, Medium Beam and Wide Beam

Standard MR16:
- triple lens (3 different models) Narrow Beam, Medium Beam and Wide Beam;
- quad lens available in Narrow Beam, Medium Beam and Wide Beam
Standard AR111:
- Thetalens available in Narrow Beam and Medium Beam
All the models are available in narrow, medium and wide beam for monochromatic LEDs and in medium and wide beam for RGB LEDs. PL35XXRV Series, created by using NJC Technology, also reduces the lens assembly costs with it’s self-tapping screw fitting system. This screw fixing system eliminates the hot riveting of the pegs to the PCB allowing a direct coupling onto the LED. The perfect collimation is created by a positioning peg.
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