Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 22, 2013

Bicom Offers 300° T8 and T5 LED Replacement Tube Covers

Bicom Optics is one of the first enterprises that became involved in optical studies, lens design and product development of the LED lens. Recently, Bicom Optics have successfully developed a T8 and T5 tube. - The light angle of traditional fluorescent tubes is 360 degrees.

Due to the LED light properties, the general LED tube's light angle is 120 degrees. In order to fully replace traditional light, Bicom Optics continues to make breakthroughs in the LED tube light emitting angle.

We adopt the whole PC tube technology that can achieve a maximum of 300 degrees. This means that it can satisfy customer’s requirements of a large angle with better illumination distribution.

We adopt integration cooling technology to reduce the cooling channels.  This means the LED chip can stay in a lower position, which enlarges the LED luminous surface and the PC tube wall distance and then expands the light angle.

In addition, the whole PC tube is made of high light transmittance diffusion PC material, with up to 85% efficiency. This kind of material not only achieves a more uniform light effect, it also makes light angle increases.

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About Bicom Optics:
Bicom Optics is one of the first enterprises that engaged in the optical study, lens design and product development of the LED lens. The experienced optical and mold R & D team, ultra-precision mold manufacturing machine, injection machine and several over 3,000 square meters 10000-scale dust-free workshops allow us get an excellent production system with independent design, development, manufacturing and forming. Besides, we have also passed ISO9001 certification and ISO18001、14001 environmental certification. Our company has synthesized competitiveness. We can finish a new optical design within 3 days and the trial-mold samples in another 2 days. We can also develop over 60 new products monthly.

On the basis of the current trend of international energy emission reduction, saving and environment-friendly, we cooperated closely with Cree, Philips, Osram, Nichia, Seoul etc. on LED application, and offered them various lenses to match their LED to satisfy the requirement of LED lighting in all areas.

Now we have launched street lamp lens, tunnel light lens, floodlight lens, billboard lens, lighting lens, MR16 lens, Par30 lens, Par38 lens, stage lighting lens, flashlight lens, hybrid light lens and so on. We are able to accurately achieve a variety of angle and light spot type requirement, and get highest luminous efficiency, the best lighting.