Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 15, 2011

Carclo Announces New 30mm TIR Lenses

Carclo Technical Plastics releases a new range of 30mm TIR optics for use with a range of large dome, multi-chip LED's. Further LED compatibility variants planned for release in the near future.

The 30mm optic works well with single-chip LED packages providing high peak intensities or narrow beam divergences compared to smaller diameter optics.The optic is now available in a wide range of beam angles: narrow, fine-frosted, medium-frosted, wide-frosted and elliptical.

The dynamic design behind this particular innovative product, embraces an Advanced Transform lens design combined with frosted optic technology to effectively minimise any chip-image or colour-separation effects, along with high optical efficiency.

The extensive applications of this product include: In door and out door lighting, colour mixing, stage lighting, aviation, whilst also being great for high peak intensity beams Optical data can be viewed on OpticSelect.