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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 30, 2013

Carclo Optics Introduce New Reflectors - "Archimedes" & "Newton"

Carclo Optics has introduced 2 new families of reflectors – one new product is a high bay reflector, the other a large source reflector. Both of which have samples readily available.

"Archimedes" High Bay Reflectors:
The new range of High Bay Reflectors are compatible with a wide variety of LEDs.
Through our industry leading in-house design team, the ‘Archimedes’ family provide even illumination across the floor.

There are medium and wide beams available in single and quad array variants. Attachment configurations include taped, glued, clipped or screwed.

These are ideal for when large area lighting is required, such as
•    Warehouses
•    Manufacturing / assembly floors
•    Gymnasium
•    Large area lighting
•    Parking

"Newton" Large Source Reflectors:
The 2nd reflector range that is being launched by Carclo Optics is a new Large Source Reflector family – also compatible with a wide variety of LEDs with different beam angles and fixing solutions available.

The faceted reflector design ensures the ‘Newton’ Large Source Reflector provides smooth beams in both medium and wide angles. It is also compatible with the TE Connectivity® System.

The large source reflectors are suitable for, but not restricted to
•    Retail
•    Leisure
•    Household
•    Display Lighting

For further information, please visit or to request samples, please email

About Carclo:
Carclo Optics ( boasts unrivalled expertise in optical design, development and manufacture. Our in-house team provides bespoke optical, reflector and holder design alongside our standard ranges.
Optics are available in a large variety of configurations including single, triple, quad and extruded with a choice of finishes (such as frosted, elliptical, polished). There are a number of fixing options that include taped, glued, clipped and screwed.
Optic Select ( is our web application that allows you to search the product database using a wide range of criteria such as beam angle, optic type and full width half max. It returns the filtered results and presents comprehensive data sheets that can be viewed online or downloaded as pdfs.