Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 13, 2011

Carclo Technical Plastics in new partnership with BJB

Carclo LED Optics, a division of Carclo Technical Plastics, are proud to announce that they are now supplying the BJB holder system. This has been specifically developed to accommodate Carclo’s 20mm optic range. The system will offer Carclo’s customers a greater degree of manufacturing flexibility when choosing how to secure their optic.

The BJB holder when used in conjunction with Carclo’s optics, provides the following advantages – whilst still harnessing the capability of Carclo’s high performance optics:
• No soldering
• No adhesives

The complete assembly process is as follows: The connectors (dependant on the LED) and the STARboard are both fixed with two screws. Electrical contact is by means of two push wire terminals. The optic holder is clipped onto the connector, and the optical system itself clips into this.

The advantage of the BJB system is non-soldered, providing a transferable quality between LED’s. The complete manufacturing/assembly offers a flexible solution for certain applications.

Carclo/BJB now support the following LED’s:
• Cree XLamp range
• Osram Dragon
• Seoul P4
• Philips Luxeon Rebel