Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 02, 2011

First Worldwide Application of LUXeXceL’s New "Printoptical Technology"

Ms. Karla Peijs, Queen’s Commissioner for the province of Zeeland, printed the world’s first LED lighting lens today in front of members of the press and distinguished guests. With this symbolic action, Ms. Peijs officially opened the new print platform at the LUXeXceL Technology Center in Goes.

The first series of LED lenses will be introduced in the ‘Mera’ lighting series produced by RZB Leuchten in Bamberg, Germany. The distinctive design of this series of elegant LED reading lamps was recently awarded the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and received an honorable mention.
LUXeXceL’s recent success in making its 'Printoptical Technology' market-ready means it is now possible to produce three-dimensional optics using a digital printing process. This allows ‘on-demand’ manufacturing of products such as lenses and light distribution structures. The advent of this innovative production process immediately offers the LED lighting industry completely new growth opportunities.

“I am proud our team has succeeded in making this ground breaking technology available for the LED lighting market. ‘Bottlenecks’ that currently block the successful introduction of quality LED lighting to the market – in particular in lens development – can now easily be removed” said Richard van de Vrie, CEO of the LUXeXceL Group.

RZB CEO Reiner Jürgens is also very pleased with the development: “The production of optics is now more accessible than ever before. The removal of difficult design, development and manufacturing barriers associated with the production of the optics offers new possibilities for the lighting industry worldwide.” We are both pleasantly surprised and proud that the first series of lenses has been produced for our 'Mera' series."

New energy-saving LED fixtures can now be introduced into the market faster, cheaper and with greater flexibility. In addition to significant time savings, the new technology also provides a long-lasting contribution to the ‘energy-saving’ LED revolution. What’s more, this digital printing technology also opens up new product design possibilities for (O)LED lighting manufacturers. Graphic design is all that is needed to add logos, technical data or design elements into the same production process. Moreover, optical adjustments or quick modifications are easy to implement in production.

About LUXeXceL:
LUXeXceL Group B.V., innovator of Printoptical Technology, develops, manufactures and markets optical products by means of a novel digital 3D printing process and offers complementary software and hardware solutions for many diverse target markets. A unique combination of light, optics and digital 3D printing are the basis for this new core technology that allows on-demand printing of optical structures, light distribution patterns, lenses and optics on different kind of media.
The optical devices are engineered to enhance daylight and light distribution, to improve and ease the performance, design and the manufacturing of optics, and to create new graphic design- and media opportunities.
LUXeXceL is headquartered in Goes, The Netherlands, and also presented in Germany and in the United States. LUXeXceL is a registered brand of LUXeXceL Holding B.V. -


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