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Khatod Easy Reflector Systems: New Concept - High-Tech - Unique Design

Easy reflector systems for COB LEDs are first and unique reflectors made of two elements assembled together by a simple snap-in operation. A totally new-concept solution allowing immediate and easy mounting into the final application. The fixing holes having 35 mm or 25 mm spacing will match most popular Zhaga compliant adaptors or holders. Optimize the light flux emitted by COB LED systems with LES ranging 9 to 19 mm diameter. Excellent lighting efficiency over 85%.

Totally New-Concept Product Consisting of Two Elements - Easy Assembly Operation:
• Primary Reflector (bottom part): designed for direct mounting onto the holder. The fixing holes having 35 mm or 25 mm spacing will match most popular Zhaga compliant adaptors or holders
• Secondary Reflector (top part): easy snap-in assembly onto the Primary Reflector to get the full reflector

Hi-Tech Products – Patent Pending:  Easy Reflector Systems Boast a Unique Design:
• Conceived in two parts assembled together to form a single piece. Greatly simplify the mounting in the final application making the assembly operation fast and very easy

High Lighting Efficiency:
• Made of  APEC + Reflector Coating, boast an excellent lighting efficiency over 85%
• High diffusion flux, high luminous intensity

Features and Typical Applications:
• Made of APEC + Reflector Coating, boast an excellent optical efficiency
• Conceived for any system using COB LEDs with LES ranging 9 mm to 19 mm diameters and equipped with standard Zhaga complying adaptors or holders having 35 mm or 25 mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws.  
• Different models available:
- Easy Reflector System: created in various diameters and heights
- Easy Asymmetric Reflector System: created to meet specific requirements in LED lighting
• Easy fixing to the COB LEDs
• Finish: metalized or embossed
• Maximize the luminous flux while achieving a lighting efficiency over 85%; high diffusion flux; high luminous intensity
• Beam Angles: Narrow Beams, Asymmetric Beam. Coming soon: Medium, Wide, Extra Wide
• Yellow ring effect totally eliminated
• No vibration problems
• UV protected and guaranteed for outdoor applications
• Any applications in Wide Area Lighting: from retail and hospitality to commercial, industrial and architectural; Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
• Complying with Zhaga Standards
• Complying with UL94 Specifications
• Patent pending

For additional information, please visit http://www.khatod.com/Khatod/Page.aspx?easy_reflectors_systems
Find out more about Easy Reflectors at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SScFrVJRjHY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq5XUKPpP80

About Khatod:
Khatod products leverage three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses in a wide range of applications and environments. Our ability in designing and manufacturing customized optics for LED Lighting is already history. Khatod is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding individuals looking for the latest in LED Lighting Technology: exclusive products, cutting-edge engineering, research and experimentation. The result is the highest in technology, the easiest in usability, the most cost-effective in business.


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