Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 19, 2010

Kathod Showcased Series of Improved and New Optics for LED Lighting at electronica 2010

At electronica, Khatod showed up with an extended portfolio of LED optics: ZETALENS, realized in round and square shapes; STRIPLENS, specific for a new LED mounting concept; TRIPLE and QUAD MINI LENS; ROUND REFLECTORS; and the highlight, the DARK LENS, a first-of-its-kind anti-glare reflector (see LpO news from Oct. 14, 2010 for details).

Round Reflectors for Power LEDs
The request of high efficiency in Lighting along with the upmost necessity of energy conservation, have made the Power LED applications an ever-increasing requirement in the Lighting Industry. Many of these new applications require placement of LEDs in narrow or recessed spaces, as well as in diverse LED configurations never considered before. This evolution is not without difficulties because requires the employment of new technologies while guaranteeing high efficiency and superior performances.

- KCLP17CR (Metallized Version), 17,55 mm Diam; 10,71 mm Height, Narrow Beam
- KCLP20CR (Metallized Version), 20,45 mm Diam; 10,71 mm Height, Narrow Beam
- KCLP17ST (Embossed Version), 17,55 mm Diam; 10,71 mm Height, Medium Beam
- KCLP20ST (Embossed Version), 20,45 mm Diam; 10,71 mm Height, Medium Beam
• High efficiency
• Available in 2 different beams
• Ø 17mm and Ø 20mm Standard
• Typical applications : Portable lighting, Lamps, Architectural lighting
• Most applications where a compact light source is required

NEW Multi Lenses for Mini LEDs
Khatod unveils the most comprehensive range of MULTI LENSES specific for multichip MINI POWER LEDs. Dedicated to the most demanding applications in Lighting Design, our Series include one of the most expected lens on the market PL350ANK TRIPLE LENS, a 50,02mm Diameter Triple Lens, specific for Mini LED applications requiring this size.

ZETALENS : The Future is Now
The continuous evolution of LED technology has resulted in a reduction of LED dimensions and size, and in increase in luminous output. This new technology has created opportunities for Khatod to develop an advanced optic: the ZETALENS.

Zetalens, realized in NJC technology, allows for the housing of 7 LEDs and is available in Narrow, Medium and Wide Beams. Its shape and dimensions, available in 4 different configurations, offers designers as well as the final user the freedom to choose among 12 models. The result is a very diverse lens family that can be used in a variety of applications.

The Narrow beam version is tailored for the creation of spotlights with tighter beam sizes and a high light intensity. The Medium Beam is a great performer in applications using RGB systems for surface lighting such as “Wall Washing”.  A typical application for the Wide Beam version is in the illumination of large shop windows and showcases; an application where high quality diffused light without shadows is particularly important.

New Mini Lenses for Mini LEDs
Khatod is proud to present its Premier Series of NEW MINI LENSES dedicated to the new generation of MINI POWER LEDs.
The MINI LENSES, created with our proven NJC technology, are superior, technologically advanced products that meet and exceed the most demanding requirements of the market. Mini Single Lenses are the new generation of optics for superior lensing for your projects.

More information on the highlit, Khatod's Dark Lens kan be found here.

Once again, Khatod ‘s focus on ever-evolving Power LED technology has led us to develop high quality products with superior optical performance in order to meet the growing requirements of the Solid State Lighting market. Visit our website, for details on Zetalens and all of our other product lines.