Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 05, 2012

Khatod Announces Pixel Optical Reflector Systems for High-Brightness LEDs

The latest evolution in LED Technology has resulted in new High Brightness LEDs which allow a huge variety of new and innovative applications in Lighting. As any evolution, the high luminosity delivered by these LEDs of new generation is not without difficulties and requires the employment of new technologies so to achieve a superior optical performance. Khatods latest answer to this challenges is the PIXEL REFLECTOR SYSTEM.

PIXEL REFLECTOR SYSTEMS are realized in many different multi-reflectors arrays, from 12 to 24 – 36 – 48 -60 square-shaped reflectors. PIXEL SYSTEMS are ready-to-use arrays that fit the most diverse applications; are designed taking into consideration also the opportunity for the customers to realize their particular pattern; perform a typical square shaped beam.

PIXEL Systems are provided with positioning pegs on the sides allowing an easy and immediate fixing onto the PCB.
However, their special design allows for a DOUBLE OPTION:
By simply removing the positioning pegs from one side, it is possible to combine the arrays together so obtaining linear structures of any length as well as extensive structures of any width.

The high flexibility and versatility of their structure allow to realize countless different configurations and meet most of the requirements where a reflector system is needed.

PIXEL REFLECTOR SYSTEMS are created for High Brightness LEDs. Made of special PC for vacuum coating treatment specific for optical reflector systems, they generate a homogeneous flux which is distributed on the inner surface. The result is an excellent luminous flux and high lighting efficiency.

PIXEL REFLECTOR SYSTEMS deliver the most simple design to individuals who need to engineer their own applications while assuring the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

• Fit for most of HB LEDs from 100 to 600 lumens and over
• Typical square-shaped beam
• Made of PC for special coating treatment
• Innovative vacuum coating treatment, specific for optical reflector systems
• High performance with warm white LEDs; yellow ring effect totally eliminated
• High lighting efficiency
• Excellent luminous flux
• No vibration problems
• Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
• Innovative design
• Positioning pegs: Easy fixing onto the PCB*
• UV protected and guaranteed for outdoor applications
• Complying with UL94 Specifications
• Patent pending

* By simply removing the pegs from one side, the arrays can be combined together so obtaining linear structures of any length as well as extensive structures of any width.

Typical Applications:
• Industrial Lighting: Warehouses, Laboratories, Sheds, Garages, Machine Shops, etc.
• Indoor Lighting: Outlets & Shop Centers, Exhibition Areas, Offices, Hospital Wards, Elevators, Passages, Aisles, etc.
• Outdoor Lighting: Parking Areas, Pathways, Petrol & Service Stations, Gardens, Playgrounds, Canopies, etc.
• Street Lighting: Streets, Walkways, Sidewalks, Bicycle Lanes, Squares, etc.
• Architectural lighting: Entertainment & Decorative, Border/contour, Shop Windows, Halls & Entrances, Lamps , etc.
• Billbord Lighting: LED floodlights and fixtures for outdoor and indoor advertising and illumination

About Khatod:
Khatod boasts a great expertise in optical design based on extensive testing and experimentations; most of our technologies are created by our team of engineers who develop our new technically unique products, as well as creating the necessary tooling and equipment to manufacture them.
This makes Khatod a real innovator in optical systems, able to deliver immediate solutions when new requirements are posed by the ever-evolving LED Industry.