Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Khatod creates THETALENS incorporating Khatod’s NJC™ Technology

Khatod New Product Showcase - Thetalens. The creation of a complete lenses series (single, triple MR16, triple MR11, Quad MR16, all in NJC Technology™) for high power LED applications.

The continuous improvement in performance, as well as the ever-increasing number of Power LED manufacturers have produced a great change in the LED market. Only one year ago, the customer used mostly one or two types of LEDs. The numbers have changed substantially. The present LED and lens specifications for final applications have created new avenues for Khatod to meet and exceed the market for standard and custom applications.

Khatod’s focus on growth of the secondary optics for the major LED manufacturers has required great technical effort and productivity enhancement to meet the needs of the market. The creation of a complete lenses series (single, triple MR16, triple MR11, Quad MR16, all in NJC Technology™) for most of the major LED manufacturers has caused us to invest in research, and increased production capability. Our great care in developing such a program, as well as customizing lenses, allows the customer to feel free to choose the product which will best meet the requirements of their product specifications.
As a natural consequence of this continuous development, Thetalens  was created and  joins the many custom products Khatod has created for customers’ specification requests.
The new Thetalens, available in Narrow, Medium and Wide Beam, complies with AR111. The cover color can be customized to meet the product aesthetic requirements. This new series is manufactured by using our NJC™ Technology, which guarantees a perfect coupling between the lens and LED; eliminating the use of collimator. Thetalens introduces an innovative coupling system between lens and LED, which eliminates production costs by hot riveting the pegs directly to the PCB.

Khatod is a step ahead, meeting the needs of the industry and market.

About Khatod

Khatod’s history begins in 1982; and today, our product range is presented in over 11 catalogues and covers  more than 35,000 lens applications. Khatod Optoelectronic Headquarters is located in Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy and all production and technological strategies are carried out in this location. For twenty five years Khatod ’s designers and engineers have been successful in specifying and developing their lenses, as well as custom products, depending on the specific customer’s requirements and on the Power LED market diversification and application. NJC Technology™ is a clear example, representing one of the most important steps taken to meet the needs of the industry.

By using software for optical simulation and software for thermoplastic injection moulding experimentation; our designers have managed to create and maintain high quality standards. Khatod is the best choice for high quality standards, professionalism, expertise and ability to meet your most demanding requirements. 

About  NJC Technology™NJC Technology :
Beginning with cutting edge research based on optical simulations and experimentations, our designers and engineers have developed our new, technically unique products as well as creating the necessary tooling and equipment to manufacture NJC lenses.
The designers and engineers of Khatod Optics are the first to develop NJC Technology (No Joint Construction), which removes the lens housing and guarantees a perfect coupling between the LED and the lens without using a collimator.
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><!--[endif]-->Another important aspect is the capability to manufacture custom made products, which are then individually tested before launching them on the market. Khatod Optics is the best choice for individuals and corporations looking for high quality standards, professionalism and experience : abilities that Khatod has developed over 25 years.

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