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Khatod Features Modular Optical System Solutions at Light+Building

Khatod presents its latest most innovative creation, Galileo Optical System for Power LED Lighting. By a simple combination of modules, Galileo Optical System allows to customize your own optical system.

Patented technology, innovative design, high versatile applications in Wide Area Lighting. No more need to mount and direct hundreds of single lenses in different beams in order to realize the pattern desired. A new-concept optical system, a single module, conceived and designed for immediate application.

A simple combination of modules allows to customize your own optical system.     

Galileo Optical System Characteristics:
- An optical system combining different lenses to perform the requested lighting beam
- A wafer holding the lenses already mounted and directed according to the requested pattern
- A modular system allowing a huge possibility to customize the final applications
- The optics are made of PMMA and PC
- The optics never come in contact either with the LEDs or with the PCB
- The optics are UV protected and guaranteed for outdoor applications
- The optics comply with UL94 Specifications
- Galileo Optical System is Patent Pending

Galileo Optical System Benefits:
- The customer will receive a ready-to-use optical system according to his requirements.
- Four screws are sufficient to fix the module onto the PCB in few minutes: the quickest mounting in the shortest time.
- Available in a wide range of ready-to-use modules covering 80% of current market requests.
- The modules are available in 2 standard layouts; characteristics and dimensions are available into the catalogue for each model.
- Galileo Optical System is suitable for any application in Wide Area Lighting.

Galileo Optical System development by Khatod included extensive work: new technology, innovative design, high optical expertise.

“We started from substantial research and advanced technologies to develop a product based on Power LEDs, complying with the Street Lighting Standards as well as with the Wide Area Lighting requirements. Since the beginning we have realized that a real optical system was missing. The market was looking for a solution which could eliminate the need to use and test hundreds of single lenses in order to realize the requested lighting beam,“ said Giuseppe Vasta, Khatod Optoelectronic President. “An optical system allowing to be assembled onto the PCB in few minutes. “

Galileo Optical System range, characteristics, dimensions and recommended models for any application are available online together with the catalogue, downloadable at

About Khatod Optoelectronic:
Khatod is a leading manufacturer of innovative optical solutions based on Power LED Sources. Khatod offers new-concept modular optical systems for any application in Wide Area Lighting, a wide range of high technical optics for solid-state lighting applications, a proven capability to develop custom optics and a huge choice of optoelectronic components. Present on the market since 1985, Khatod Optoelectronic is based in Italy.

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