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Khatod Kristall Lenses: Ultra Clear – Excellent Performance – Immediate Mounting on the PCB

TIR Lenses – 78, 90 to 110 mm extra large diameter. Made of Optical Grade PC, boast high purity and perfect transparency. Able to envelop the COB LEDs, guide virtually all of the radiated light toward the target. Extensive range of beams: Narrow, Medium and Wide angles. Excellent luminous performance and uniformity in light distribution. The exclusive twist & lock system with customized adaptors from Khatod allows easy mounting onto the COB LEDs. Any application in Area Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor.

Key Features:
•    Fit for most popular COB LEDs
•    Optical Grade PC
•    High performance with warm white LEDs
•    Yellow ring totally eliminated
•    Maximize the luminous flux
•    Lighting efficiency > 85%
•    High uniformity in light distribution
•    Sharply defined spot of light
•    Special adaptors allow for immediate assembling onto the COB LEDs by a simple twist & lock block system
•    The adaptors allow for interchangeability of Kristall models on the same LED source
•    Excellent performance with most popular COB LEDs
•    No vibration problems
•    UV protected
•    Complying with UL 94 Specifications
•    Comply with Zhaga Standards

Typical Applications - Any applications in Wide Area Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor:
•    Industrial
•    Commercial
•    Retails, Shops
•    Halls & Entrances
•    Architectural
•    Entertainment
•    Stage, etc.

Kristall Lenses are TIR Lenses realized in Optical Grade PC. The name recalls the high purity and transparency of this unique lens, achieved thanks to the quality materials used and the special injection-molding technology implemented by Khatod in the production process. Kristall Lenses collimate, optimize and guide virtually all of the radiated light from the LED source toward the target, by preserving and enhancing the brightness of the luminous flux from the COB LED while ensuring high uniformity in light distribution. Special adaptors, customized for the most popular COB LEDs, allow easy mounting onto the COB LED by a simple twist & lock system: fasten the adaptor onto the PCB with two screws; twist & lock Kristall onto the adaptor by a simple rotation. The adaptors allow for the interchangeability of Kristall models on the same LED source.

Kristall Lens models and full documentation can be viewed and downloaded from website

About Khatod :
Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry for over 25 years.
Unique on the international scene, Khatod holds all of its operations 100% in house (Milano, Italy), from initial design to time to market: Optical Systems, optics for SSL, HB, COB LEDs applications, custom optics, components.
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