Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

Khatod Showcases Its New Product: Blade Lens

Khatod Optoelectronic, a demonstrated front runner, always pursuing new avenues in the world of Lighting, is proud to unveil the first one of a series of cutting edge products for high-power LEDs which will be released throughout 2008.

The New Blade Lens is a technically unique product which meets and exceeds the specific and ever changing requirements and demands of the market.  Just the market requirement is the real starting point which has driven Khatod to elaborate and realize such an innovative product. Basing on substantial research our engineers have succeeded in realizing something really unique by proposing a lens which shapes the light like a blade.

The Blade Lens produces high efficiency blade light and is a real innovative optic solution. Its typical applications in wall washing, architectural lighting  and wherever a compact blade light is required, allow to realize particular and amazing lighting effects.

Technical Specifications:
• High efficiency blade light
• No vibration problems
• Beam angle : 100° x 8,5°

• Easily installed by using its holder
• Holder available in black colour
• Eco-friendly to the environment

About Khatod:
Khatod ‘s focus on the evolving  Power LED Technological environment, has led us to develop highly technical products for superior lensing solutions in order to meet the specific needs of the market. The result of this philosophy is the Blade Lens, a product of Khatod’s latest generation; a unique product among innovative optic solutions. 

Khatod’s R&D is strictly connected with the market requirements and always pays a great attention to the  needs generated by the new applications of high power LEDs  in the world of Lighting. Starting from clever research based on optical simulations and experimentations, our designers and engineers, in cooperation with the mechanical and optical departments, analyse any information about the working of the optical system  - Lens-LED – in real time.  Any  detail is essential to develop the project successfully and our designers’ expertise, that no software will ever be able to reproduce, allows to reach the target :  the best lens for that specific LED for that particular final application.
Khatod is the best choice for individuals always looking for high quality standards and innovation