Optics + Opt. Materials | Components | Mar 23, 2017

LEDiL Introduces a Bunch of New LED Optics for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

LEDiL OY, the market leading innovative company designing and manufacturing secondary optics for LEDs and COBs, announced the release of several new optics for indoor and outdoor applications. The new products cover applications from retail lighting to industrial lighting, area lighting, arena lighting and street lighting. The new offerings concern reflectors as well as single lens and lens array optics.

In more detail, the new releases include both lenses and reflectors for COB LEDs. Molly represents a totally new product family while Barbara-G2 is a new revision. For the more traditional packet type LEDs we have new Strada and Stradella products available. Previous Stradella modules gave you 8 individual lenses packed in our standardized 50x50mm platform. Now we are pleased to introduce the same size module with 16 lenses. For the IP-2X6 series we have two new 90-degree rotated beam versions, and for more demanding - high temperature, high lumen - applications we have both 50x50 mm and 90x90 mm Strada modules made from silicone.

Barbara-G2 - 70 mm reflector family for midsized COBs:

LEDiL’s new Barbara-G2 is compatible with HEKLA sockets and connectors with bayonet fastening mechanism for quick installations and replacements. Optimized performance for the latest midsized COBs and compatibility with LEDiL’s RZ-sublens allows it to be used in applications from retail to stage lighting with full RGB and tunable white colour mixing.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/barbara-g2_pr

Molly - indoor lighting optics for up to 19 mm COBs:

Molly is LEDiL’s new cutting-edge optical lens design that benefits from bigger size COBs. The rugged PMMA construction locks straight into sockets and connectors with no need for extra holders. Uniform illuminance with flat top peak, no spill light and perfect design for cylinder type track lights makes Molly an excellent choice for professional indoor lighting.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/molly_pr

Stradella - cost efficient street and highbay lighting:

The Stradella product family consists of dense lens arrays and tiny single lenses with high luminous performance. Beams are especially designed for street and highbay lighting and modules are also available with a 50x50 mm footprint similar to their big sister STRADA-2X2 optics. Optimized for mid-power and compatible with high-power and CSP LEDs.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/stradella-16_pr

Strada-2X2MXS - 90x90 mm platform now in silicone for up to IP67 and high temperature applications:

The Strada-2X2MX platform has now been made available in a more durable silicone. This brings natural resistance to high temperatures, UV radiation and impacts.  Combined with LEDiL’s efficient industry leading optical design and standardized modular footprint you can have a multipurposed luminaire design that not only fulfills all lighting requirements but is built to last - even in the most extreme environments.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/2x2mxs_pr

Strada-2X2S-T3 - LEDiL standard 50x50 mm platform now in silicone for high temperature applications with universal IESNA Type III beam:

The Strada-2X2S is made from silicone to withstand extremely high temperatures and applications requiring high lumen outputs. The standardized 50x50 mm modular footprint and one screw fastening provides the flexibility to use the same luminaire design with silicone lenses as well.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/2x2s_pr

Strada-IP-2X6 - Standardized 2X6 modules with integrated silicone gasket:

Strada-IP-2X6 are IP66 and IP67 tested lens modules with wide range of highly efficient street lighting beams. The integrated silicone gasket ensures ingress protection against water and dust allowing them to be used without protective covers. The lens modules are mounted with 8 screws and have enough reserved space to fit in needed luminaire components.

For additional product information, please visit www.ledil.com/2x6-90deg-versions

About LEDiL OY:

With Finnish design expertise and global production, LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. LEDiL’s wide range of optical solutions combine innovative designs and excellent performance making LEDiL the first choice for demanding applications. Close connections with all the leading LED manufacturers allows LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs; and their customers to enjoy rapid development and deployment of new fixtures with the latest technology. A selection of over 4000 standard and unlimited custom solutions combined with LEDiL’s “can do, will do” attitude ensures you find the product you need for your application. With a global network of distributors and free of charge technical support to all customers LEDiL provides the most competitive solutions available today. For more information, please visit www.ledil.com