Optics + Opt. Materials | Components | Oct 24, 2017

LEDiL Introduces Four New Optics: Florence2, Gabriella, Carmen & Stella

In October, LEDil announced the release of four new products in all segments: indoor, outdoor and linear lighting. The releases include our 3-row linear industrial newcomer Florence2, an expansion of our colour mixing family Gabriella, new beams and diameters in the Carmen family optimised for retail lighting, as well as a new spot in the Stella family for lenses up to IP67.

Linear lighting for 3x11 LED modules with great performance and value:

Florence2 is a lightweight 3-row linear optic family for industrial lighting. Designed with high efficiency and low UGR in mind it provides best in class performance from low to high installations. Compatibility with all Zhaga standard 3R PCBs, including the 2ft long versions, ensures you have a lighting module that is highly versatile and easy to modify for numerous luminaire fixtures.

• 285 x 64.2 mm
• Lighter than original FLORENCE-3R optics with a wider compatibility
• Very high efficiency
• Improved UGR for glare free experience
• Possible to build continuous fixtures without gaps
• Screw fastening similar to previous FLORENCE versions

Typical Applications:
• Industrial lighting
• Fluorescent lamp replacement

• All Zhaga 3R PCBs including 2ft long boards

38 & 45 mm diameter RGB and tuneable white colour mixing lens family:

Gabriella is an RGB and tuneable white colour mixing family with LEDiL’s unique floret-type hexagonal surface ensuring excellent colour uniformity. The optic comes with a black holder with positioning pins in both holder and lens making assembly easy and accurate. Gabriella is available with or without tape. The 10˚ spot and wide beams will be followed by a medium beam in 45 mm diameter as well as in a smaller 38 mm diameter.

• Special optic surface for uniform colour mixing
• Supports the latest RGBW LEDs
• Available in two sizes:  Ø45 mm GABRIELLA & Ø38 mm GABRIELLA-MIDI
• Holder design allows more space for components
• Accurate assembly with positioning pins
• Can be assembled with screws or installation tape

Typical Applications:
• Stage lighting
• Architectural lighting
• Accent lighting

• Optimized for 5050 and compatible with up to 7070 size RGB LED packages

The first choice for high quality retail lighting:

Carmen optics consist of high precision lenses and black reflectors ideal for non-glare retail lighting. Sharp cutoff and minimized spill light provides a high contrast between the highlighted objects and their surroundings. In addition the closed design protects the COB from tampering and dust. Compared to metal coated reflectors this results in improved optical performance and outstanding lighting.

• Redefined reflector performance with smooth cutoff, minimized spill light and low glare
• Perfect selection of beams for general and accent lighting with very narrow spot beam
• Aesthetic and convenient design protects the COB from dust and direct contact
• Ø50 mm, H: 25.5 mm
• Comes with black holder, especially optimized for low UGR applications
• Optimized results and fastening using LEDiL Hekla sockets and connectors

Typical Applications:
• Retail
• Architectural
• Track and spot lighting

90 mm diameter up to IP67 family in silicone - Stella-RS:

Stella is a large family of self-sealing silicone lenses allowing ingress protection from dirt, dust and water with a rating up to IP67. STELLA lenses are compatible with the latest COBs guaranteeing enough power to back up your applications. The family consists of various street, wide area and high bay beams. Lens height varies from 11.3 to 39.2 mm and can fit a maximum Ø52 x 6 mm connector. Asymmetric beams compatible with up to 23 mm LES sizes and symmetric with up to 30 mm LES sizes.

• Massive lumen output with high intensity peak
• Minimum spill light and glare on high mast setups
• Designed with consideration to the whole system cost
• Ideal for floodlighting and sports fields
• Excellent thermal, UV and impact resistance
• Optimized for 23 mm and compatible with up to 30 mm LES size COBs

Typical Applications:
• Outdoor area lighting
• Floodlighting and projector lighting
• High mast

These new products were LEDiL's highlights at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. Besides the linear optics Florence2, retail and stage optics from the Carmen and Gabriella families, and the Stella-RS products, the company presented the Linnea family and their newest streetlight additions in the Strada and Stradella families.

About LEDiL OY:

With Finnish design expertise and global production, LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. LEDiL’s wide range of optical solutions combine innovative designs and excellent performance making LEDiL the first choice for demanding applications. Close connections with all the leading LED manufacturers allows LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs; and their customers to enjoy rapid development and deployment of new fixtures with the latest technology. A selection of over 4000 standard and unlimited custom solutions combined with LEDiL’s “can do, will do” attitude ensures you find the product you need for your application. With a global network of distributors and free of charge technical support to all customers LEDiL provides the most competitive solutions available today. For more information, please visit www.ledil.com