Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 22, 2014

LEDiL Introduces New Products

LEDiL announced the release of two new optic types; one for street lighting and another for interior architectural lighting; furthermore a modular linear multiholder for Tina and Tina2 lenses.

Emerald-Maxi-A is LEDiL’s new area lighting optic with excellent illuminance uniformity over long distances. Emerald-Maxi-A is suitable for IESNA Type I Medium street lighting, retrofit street lighting applications, emergency escape lighting as well as pedestrian and security street lighting applications when tilted around 15 deg.
The lens features extremely wide batwing type two sided beam with a narrow cutoff on the transversal axis. Emerald-Maxi-A is optimized for the high power domed multi-crystal LEDs like Luxeon M from Philips Lumileds and MK-R from Cree.

•    IESNA Type I Medium light distribution
•    Great illuminance uniformity, features wide strip of light

•    Different technical lighting applications
•    Emergency escape lighting
•    Type I street lighting
•    Pedestrian and security street lighting
•    Retrofit street lights

Application Example - bicycle lane (EN 1320 - S6):
•    Distance: 32 m (1:8)
•    Overhang: -0.5 m
•    Pole height: 4 m
•    Lane width: 2 m
•    Boom angle: 10 deg
•    Luxeon M, 700 lm
•    0.80 maintenance factor
•    Uo: < 0.3

LEDiL introduces a new addition to its Florence-1R family, the Florence-1R-Maxi-WG linear wall-grazing lens designed for interior architectural lighting. The Florence-1R-Maxi-WG has an asymmetric oval light beam pattern and a very narrow beam with high peak value to Maximize light falling into wall. The Florence-1R-Maxi-WG can be used as a single unit to highlight a certain zone of the wall or as continuous lamp line for overall wall washing illumination. It can be installed either to the ceiling or on the floor level and fastened with Florence-CLIPs. The 1R-Maxi-WG features uniform wall performance with optimal vertical depth and horizontal wideness and the design also allows the illumination to start already from the mounting level.
The Florence-1R-Maxi-WG is designed especially for high power LEDs. Linear optical design enables easy scaling for desired module lumen output.

•    Asymmetric oval beam type with applicable CD/LM peak
•    Uniform wall performance with optimal vertical depth and horizontal wideness
•    Allows illumination starting already from the mounting level
•    Installed either to the ceiling or on the floor
•    Can be fastened with Florence-CLIPs
•    Compatible with range of high power LEDs from brands like Cree, Philips Lumileds, Nichia and Osram

•    Interior architectural lighting

Application Example - 2.4 m high room:
•    Room height 2.4 m
•    Optics placed 15 cm distance from the wall as continuous lamp line
•    Each unit driven by 1000 lm
•    Uniformity 0.439
•    Eav 372 lx
•    Emax 680 lx

LEDiL introduces Florentina, a new modular linear multiholder for Tina and Tina2 lenses. The holder can be equipped with additional dark light shade. Florentina-SHD provides an exceptional cutoff and completely hides away bright LED sources outside the beam.
Lenses are sold separatedly and easily installed by snapping them into holder. Beam characteristics are completely customizable - For example drop in couple of tight spot lenses to add that extra punch into your wide flood beam.
Release your creativity by combining different types of lenses from over 30 different optics available.

•    Linear holder for 12 pieces of Tina/Tina2 lenses
•    Over 30 different optics available
•    Additional glare eliminating shade available

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