Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 26, 2014

LEDiL Introduces Winnie for Compact MR16 Designs

The new Winnie family from LEDiL features unique folded TIR design which substantially reduces height compared to traditional collimating optical designs. Winnie features convenient MR16 size for a range of luminaire or retrofit designs and can be used with heat sinks pre-drilled for Zhaga compatible light engines. Highly efficient design, typical efficiency close to 90%. The spot version has a beam angle of around 20 degrees, subject to the LES size. Medium and wide flood beams to follow soon.

•   PMMA lens for a range of COB’s with LES size up to 21 mm
•   Hyper-reflective white PC holder and optical grade PMMA for high efficiency
•   Unique flat folded TIR design
•   Zhaga Book 3 compatible fastening – pre-drilled heatsink available
•   Designed to work with the range of COBs from brands like Cree, Citizen, Osram and Bridgelux

•   Track lighting luminaires
•   Retrofits
•   Downlights
•   Indoor and outdoor spotlights

•   Height: 19,3 mm
•   Diameter: 49,8 mm
•   Beam type: Spot
•   Typical FWHM 22°
•   Typical efficiency 87%
•   Precision-molded from optical grade PMMA – UL94 HB rated material with operating rating -40°C to +80°C

Aditionally Winnie-M (FWHM ≈35˚) and Winnie-W (FWHM ≈50˚) are in preparation and will be coming soon.

Additional recent product releases:
Jenny - a cost effective silicone lens family for high power multi-crystal and COB LEDs
LEDiL the first optics company in the world to launch a mass-produced commercially available state of the art silicone optic for the light emitting diode market now expands its clan of silicone optics by introducing JENNY – a cost effective silicone lens family designed for a range of smaller LES sizes COBs from brands like Cree, Osram and Citizen. Designed to be used as single optics or in array configurations JENNY is available as a single lens or in a 8X1 module. JENNY-8X1 modules can easily be cut into smaller configurations. JENNY features easy positioning with pins and installation by gluing or with additional holder.

STRADA-2X2-PX – Safety by lighting where it’s needed
LEDiL introduces a new addition to its STRADA-2X2 family, STRADA-2X2-PX asymmetric, for illumination of pedestrian crossings. Special attention has been put into designing an optic that gives even illumination on the crossing area while avoiding excessive glare to roadway traffic.

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