Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 17, 2012

LEDiL's New STRADA 1x6 Street Light Module Is Optimized for Osram’s OSLON Square LED

LEDiL Oy, the primary choice for secondary optics and Osram Led Light For You partner, introduces the new C13140_STRADA-T-6X1-DWC lens array optimized specifically for Osram’s OSLON Square LEDs.

Features and Benefits:
•    Very wide asymmetrical beam with 70° candela peak
•    Great luminance/illuminance performance and uniformity
•    Outstanding cutoff to minimize glare
•    Low-profile and side-to-side or end-to-end stackable
•    Six lenses in one array – reduced installation costs versus single lenses
•    Location pins (with orientation markings) and screw holes for precise and reliable mounting
•    Shape resists excessive buildup of dust and dirt
•    IP-rated sealing possible by use of the potting or sealing compounds
•    High light transmission efficiency and virtually impervious to UV damage
•    High scratch and abrasion resistance
•    RoHS compliant and halogen-free

Technical Specifications of C13140_STRADA-T-6X1-DWC:
•    Dimensions: 25.2. x 119.8 x 6 mm
•    Designed for CIE140/EN 13201 and IESNA-RP-8-00 street light requirements
•    Optimized for European ME road use with OSLON Square LUW CQAR (Streetwhite) LEDs
•    Precision-molded from optical grade PMMA
•    UL94 HB rated material with operating rating -40°C to +100°C
•    RoHS compliant

Lens module is based on LEDiL’s proven STRADA street light optics and it has very wide light pattern suitable for long pole distances. Emitted light has an asymmetric tilt in the wide beam to efficiently direct light to the roadway surface and minimize stray light outside of target areas.

Module has light distribution ideal for the development of European ME3a and IESNA Type III Medium compliant luminaires for street lighting arrangements requiring up to and beyond 1:4.5 pole height/pole distance ratio.

Module’s intended typical application range from residential street lighting to wide urban boulevard and collector roadway lighting.

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About LEDiL:
The only true specialist in the field of secondary optics for high-power and lighting-class LEDs, LEDiL has been producing precision-engineered optics and reflectors since 2002. LEDiL is a Osram LED Light for You Certified partner and system integrator. LEDiL offers nearly 1000 standard products optimized for use with LEDs produced by the world’s prominent LED manufacturers.
Custom solutions are also commonly developed with minimal end-user tooling investment required. With production in Finland and China and a global network of authorized distributors, LEDiL’s products are market-competitive and readily available.


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