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LensVector Expands Dynamic Beam Shaping Lens Portfolio at LFI 2019

LensVector is expanding its lens portfolio with the LensVector S2F Series that enables Dynamic Beam Shaping between a 15-degree spot and a 35-degree flood. The company's first offering, with a beam angle range of 5 to 50 degrees, is now the LensVector M2M Series. Additionally, LensVector now offers all lenses in a smaller, 35 mm, option that complements the current 48 mm and 65 mm lenses.

The new lenses debut at LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL on May 21st in stand 3835. With LensVector's liquid crystal lens, luminaires can smoothly broaden beam size via wireless or wired control.

"Ladders and replacement bulbs and reflectors have been the primary tools for changing beam size, but that no longer works in the LED world," said Brent York, LensVector CEO. "Our lenses are smart and work across all protocols and wired or wireless systems. It's easier now for lighting designers, store merchandisers and clients to digitally dial in the exact beam they want."

At LensVector's stand, the company and its partner, CDI, will demonstrate Dynamic Beam Shaping and show fixture manufacturers and specifiers how easy it is to integrate the lenses into existing and new luminaires. "From LED to driver to collimating optic and control system, CDI's technical team has evaluated how to best select and integrate all the components in a dynamic beam shaping solution," said John Williammee, CEO of CDI.

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About LensVector:

LensVector is transforming the shape of light from fixed reflectors and lenses with digital liquid crystal technology that allows light to be infinitely shaped on demand from IoT platforms, mobile devices, and modern control systems. LensVector's innovative Dynamic Beam Shaping technology has been recognized with a 2018 Sapphire Award and as a Top Ten Innovation at the 2018 Light + Building Conference and Exhibition.


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