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Master Bond UV22DC80-1 Simplifies LED Assembly

Single component, no mix epoxy dual cure UV22DC80-1 formulation cures upon exposure to UV light and or heat. It enables high productivity speed, lowers manufacturing costs and offers protection from exposure to moisture, chemicals, high temperature, vibration, dust, dirt, airborne contaminants. Secondary heat cure mechanism allows cross linking in “shadowed out” areas at a user friendly 80°C. Rapid UV fixturing/positioning of components provides lamp/luminaire production engineers design flexibility.

This unique solvent free product contains a nanosilica filler, passes NASA low outgassing tests and has exceptional abrasion resistance. It features superb optical clarity, has a high glass transition temperature, outstanding dimensional stability and low shrinkage upon cure. It also exhibits excellent physical strength properties and adheres well to glass, plastic, ceramic, metallic surfaces including thinner gauge materials. Most importantly, UV22DC80-1 has superior electrical insulation properties and has proven most effective in withstanding rigorous thermal cycling.

From lens bonding/sealing to conformal coating to subcomponent assembly UV22DC80-1 is noted for its reliability, durability, longevity and ability to be dispensed automatically.

Typical applications consist of residential lighting, automotive interior/exterior lighting, stage/theater lighting, traffic lighting and architectural lighting. Ever evolving needs including adhering complex shapes have been addressed by using this Master Bond dual cure composition, while reducing long term costs for the end user, enhancing value.

Master Bond UV22DC80-1 has an extended open time, is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Consistent light quality, color stability, intensity of light, lighting output can be achieved using this product to satisfy demanding service requirements for indoor and outdoor usage. Conformal coatings are designed to minimize processing expenses and provide premium dielectric properties against high voltages.

For additional product information, please visit https://www.masterbond.com/tds/uv22dc80-1 or contact Master Bond at main@masterbond.com

About Master Bond:

Master Bond is a leading formulator of adhesive, sealant, coating solutions for LED lamp and luminaire assembly applications. Our line of epoxy, silicone, cyanoacrylate, UV cure compounds offers a combination of properties to meet stringent testing requirements for reliable long term performance. Select systems absorb stress, resist solvents and fuels, are thermally conductive, have a low refractive index, low ionic content and high thermal stability. Master Bond provides unmatched technical expertise and customer support. For general information, please visit www.masterbond.com