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Nactus Goes Beyond: Nactus Smart - 4 Lens Module - Will Exceed Your Expectations

Nactus Smart- square modules, 55.88 mm side – made of 4 optics. Many models available. Every model performs a typical lighting pattern. Countless opportunities to realize different lighting fixtures: • Choose the model that suits your fixture and create your single-module lighting structure. • Assemble a number of same models or different models in the same structure, and create lighting fixtures of desired dimensions and configurations. Perfect for Wide Area Lighting. The only request is your creativity.

Nactus maximizes the lighting beam through its optics, so creating a lighting beam of a certain power and fully configurable for the final application considered.

• Square module - 55.88mm side - made of 4 optics
• You can choose among  different 4-lens-modules
• Lens pitch: 27.94mm standard from stock; 25.40mm coming soon
• The central hole allows the insertion of a screw for fastening  the module to the LED panel

Nactus Smart modules are available IP65 protected. The silicone gasket is placed into the grooves around the perimeter edge and the central hole. Ensures protection against powder and water ingress making Nactus Smart excellent for outdoor applications or indoor applications in damp and wet environments.

Nactus Smart modules are clear fine-frosted finish  
Nactus Smart modules hold an   mark showing the correct mounting orientation of the module in your final  lighting application:
•In Street Lighting applications, the   mark will be directed towards the street side.
•In General Outdoor or Indoor Lighting the   mark will follow the same direction of the light projection coming from the LED source.

Nactus Smart modules hold the part number for easy identification.

• No need to develop any photometric analysis:
• Every Nactus Smart model has individual photometry

Designed for Power LEDs of latest generation, from 100 lm/W to 300lm/W.

Each of the modules performs a different light spot . You are given the opportunity to choose the most proper for your final application depending on the area you will light, the lighting intensity you want to perform,  the lighting pattern you want to realize, etc.

Nactus Smart offers countless opportunities to create own lighting fixture:

• You can use one single Nactus Smart module that you will choose among the available models.
• You can create your lighting fixture by combining the modules together and build linear structures of any length as well as extensive structures of any width.
• The multi-Nactus Smart lighting structures can be realized either by using modules of the same type or by mixing the different models of Nactus Smart in the same structure.

By simply choosing and matching different Nactus Smart modules together, you are given the opportunity to create any photometry or lighting pattern according to your design. Your lighting fixture will perform elliptical symmetrical asymmetrical beams, just to name a few, as well as any desired lighting configuration: from simple lighting arrays to multi-modules configurations able to suit your requirements, whatever they may be.

Also, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, Nactus Smart enables to create lighting fixtures consisting of a number of light sources deemed as the most proper for your final application: from the basic 4-lens module to countless multi-modules structures.

Just a few LEDs + Nactus Smart module
the brightest and most cost-effective Lighting fixture

The only requirement is your project, your creativity, the lighting result you want to achieve. That’s all!
• Nactus Optical Systems are Patent Pending – Nactus Optical Systems are approved according to EN 62471:2010 (photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems).
• Applications: Street Light EN13201 – IESNA ; Tunnel Light ; Garden Light; Residential, Commercial , Retail, Shop, Architectural Light; Hospital & Hospitality Light; Canopy, Petrol Gas Station, Parking Light; Industrial Light; Professional Light.

Nactus Smart models and full documentation can be viewed and downloaded from our website:

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