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New Line – New System: Nactus Smile, The First Round Optical Systems for Area Lighting

First-of-its-kind optical system realized in round shape, offers new ideas for the execution of exclusive lighting projects. Nactus Smile is a single die cast round array with 12 lenses, created in 8 different models, each with individual photometry and typical lighting pattern. Designed for most popular LEDs, it is available in many beam angles: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Rotosymmetric, Square; complying with IESNA Type I, II, III, V and ECE ME3a. On request, available with silicone gasket for IP.

General Characteristics:
•    High Precision Injection Molded Optical Modules
•    Designed for most popular LEDs
•    8 different 12-lens-modules available

• Optic Type: round lens array with 12 lenses
• Material: Optical Grade PMMA
• Dimensions: diameter: 110mm; height: from 6.00 mm to 8.00 mm
•    Beam angles: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Rotosymmetric (60° and 90°), Square (120°); complying with IESNA Type I, II, III, V; ECE ME3a.
•    Lighting efficiency: over 85%
•    Four perimetric holes for the insertion of screws allow easy fastening of the module to the PCB
•    On request, the modules are available with a silicone gasket placed into the perimeter groove for IP.

Typical Applications:
Any application in Street Lighting & Wide Area Lighting, Outdoor/Indoor:
•    Street & Public Lighting: with or without Sidewalk and Bicycle Lane, Tunnel Light
•    Wide Area Lighting Outdoor/Indoor: Garden Light, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Shop, Architectural, Hospital & Hospitality Light, Canopy, Petrol Gas Station, Parking Light, Industrial Light, Professional Light

For additional information, please visit www.khatod.com/Khatod/Page.aspx?applications_nactus_smile or contact Khatod at khatod@khatod.com

About Khatod:
Khatod products leverage three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses in a wide range of applications and environments. Our ability in designing and manufacturing customized optics for LED Lighting is historically proven . Khatod is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding individuals looking for the latest in LED Lighting Technology: exclusive products, cutting-edge engineering, research and experimentation. The result is the highest in technology, the easiest usability, the most cost-effective in the business.