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Khatod continually reinvests its profits into research and development of new products as well as into research of new materials in order to remain the front line producer in the optoelectronic industry evolution. 2007 has led to the creation of several new series of products.

In May, 2005, Khatod joined the world of Lenses for Power LEDs and introduced a complete series of lenses dedicated to most of the major LED manufacturers. Khatod’s expertise and ability to manage the specific requirements from optoelectronics manufacturing has created a great variety of professional lighting applications.

Khatod’s main focus is to offer high quality products together with services that optoelectronics manufacturers require:
- Quick deliveries
- A full range of products
- Custom products with quick turnaround time from our laboratories.

Khatod has always been reinvesting its profits into research and development in order to remain the front line producer in the optoelectronic industry evolution.Since 2005 Khatod has been continuously launching new products while maintaining high quality customer service.2007 has led to the creation of several new series of products.

Khatod is proud of its structure and organization as well as investment in human resources. Khatod is firmly convinced to retain the entire production plant in Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy headquarters. Khatod never stops investing in research, automation and management systems and their improvement. This strategy allows Khatod to overcome the economic gap with cheap labour countries while granting high quality standards, prompt reaction to the new process evolution and immediate creation of custom products.

Khatod’s customers can rely on our Product Quality which is constantly monitored and tested in our laboratory according to specific investigation standards of the industry, using our own equipment and sophisticated optical analysis software. Moreover they can have direct contact with our factory at any time as well as an immediate availability of products in our stock.

The creation of eight new series of products: Thetalens, new Triple Lenses, LED Reflectors, is just an example of Khatod’s prompt reaction to the ever increasing market requirements. The new products were launched during Livinluce 2007 Exhibition, held in Milan last February and are shown in our K70 Standard Program.

The new Thetalens, available in Narrow, Medium and Wide Beam, complies with AR111. The cover color can be customized to meet the product aesthetic requirements. This new series is manufactured using our NJC™ Technology, which guarantees a perfect coupling between the lens and LED eliminating the use of collimator. Thetalens introduces an innovative coupling system between lens and the LED, which eliminates production costs by hot riveting the pegs directly to the PCB.

The new Triple Lens, created using the SFP system, merges high optical performance of NJC lenses and the perfect fitting of self-tapping screws. This screw fixing system eliminates the hot riveting of the pegs to the PCB allowing a direct coupling onto the LED. The SFP system removes the use of the collimator and, as in case of NJC lenses, eliminates the use of the pegs allowing an excellent heat dispersion.

Our designers have developed the new Power LED Reflectors by using software for optical design and simulation as well as special cutting-edge technologies. The LED reflector production requires a long and special process in order to grant high technical finish and excellent performance. The finish is obtained by a specific production process of multiple aluminium coatings, special painting treatments carried out before and after the metallizing process and the application of special protective chemical coatings. The applications for these reflectors are mostly LED torches, allowing an easy mix of the different beams coming from the reflectors themselves. The reflectors are also widely used with chip on board Power LEDs with RGB LED.

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