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Newest from Khatod: Exclusive Strip Lenses Performing Precise symmetric and asymmetric Beam Angles

Fit for most of the SMD LEDs & HB LEDs used to build long lighting strips. Excellent performance with white or color LEDs; real TIR lenses; High-Precision Injection Moulded. Butted up together produce a continuous smooth lighting, enable to realize desired lengths by multiples of 200mm Strip Lenses. Also, Khatod offers the opportunity to test them now! On request the symmetric and asymmetric Strip Lenses can be supplied with proper aluminum extrusions… you just need to plug and play them!

General Characteristics:
• High Precision Injection Molded Strip TIR Lens
• Deliver a soft and smooth light beam
• Lens material: Optical Grade PMMA
• Good Performance and Compatibility for a wide range of LEDs
• Usable either with White or Color LEDs
• On request, can be supplied with proper aluminum extrusions
• Non-water-resistant. An extra protection is recommended for outdoor applications.

• Available in symmetric & asymmetric beams:
- symmetric PN   = PL1629NA
- asymmetric PN = PL1629AS
• Efficiency > 89%;
• Dimensions: H×W×L = 8.5×12.5×200 mm
• Linear Pins provide robust mounting into aluminum extruded profile

Typical Applications:
• Architectural & Decorative
• Retail & Museum
• Aircraft Interior
• Under Cabinet
• Under Stairs
• Closets
• Furniture
• Exhibits
• Wall Washing
• Cove & Corridor
• Shop Windows

Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry by delivering solutions that have always offered the opportunity to be a step forward in your lighting applications. This is the result of a continuous commitment to research and development, but it also comes from  a great capacity to imagine and create.

The exclusive Strip Lenses from Khatod offer the opportunity to use your imagination in lighting applications, while trusting on a technological product of the highest quality.
Strip Lenses are designed and optimized to suit most of the SMD LEDs  used to build long strips, as well as High Brightness LEDs of latest generation from the most popular LEDs references. Also, Strip Lenses deliver excellent lighting results either with white or color LEDs.

Unique on the market, Khatod Strip Lenses are TIR Lenses manufactured through High Precision Injection Molding Process. They ARE NOT extrusion process manufactured. This makes the great difference between Khatod Strip Lenses and the ones from our competitors now available on the market.

The Strips from Khatod are real TIR lenses, optically engineered to perform precise symmetric and asymmetric beam angles, made of Optical Grade PMMA, and reaching a Lighting Efficiency  of 89% .  The lens magnifies and directs the LED light by shaping a perfect symmetric or asymmetric beam angle, depending on the Strip Lens you are using. This gives your light more focus to a direct spot in the shape you have chosen to reproduce.

Khatod Strip Lenses  are available in the following dimensions: 200mm (l) x 12.5mm (w) x 8.5mm (h).
They can be butted up together to give a continuous effect, and realize desired lengths by multiples of 200mm Strip Lenses.

Also, Khatod delivers the great opportunity to test immediately our lenses!
On request, you will be supplied with proper aluminum extrusions specifically engineered for housing the  symmetric and asymmetric Strip Lenses from Khatod.

The extrusions, supplied only on request, are 600mm long and  can hold up to 3 parts of butted up together Strip Lenses that will perform like one single strip lens delivering a perfect continuous smooth lighting.

The extrusions can be cut to size so enabling to realize any desired lengths. The Strip Lenses and the extrusions are supplied separately and you are totally free to require just the Strip Lenses without the extrusions. Khatod Strip Lenses are provided with linear pins enabling a robust mounting into the proper aluminum extrusion.

symmetric and asymmetric Strip Lenses are perfect for use in General Lighting, particularly in Architectural or Decorative Light Applications. Suitable to emphasize a room in a museum, as well as a hall or an entrance; perfect for under cabinet, under stairs, closets, exhibits, furniture; excellent for wall washing, coves and corridors, shop windows, aircraft interior, etc.
The solution for any project requiring a particular beam angle and a special light effect from a lighting strip, is now  at your disposal.

If you are looking for the brightest strip of light, Khatod Strip Lenses are definitely the product for you

About Khatod Optoelectronic:
Khatod products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses in a wide range of applications and environments. Our ability in designing and manufacturing customized optics for LED Lighting is already history. Khatod experience is at disposal of all the individuals who need to customize their color mixing optic in order to meet specific requirements for the realization of their lighting fixtures.
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