Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 09, 2011

Revolutionary ‘Printoptical Technology’ by LUXeXceL Axxelerates Development of LED Lighting

LUXeXceL has successfully developed and patented a digital printing process to generate three-dimensional optics which can be used to manufacture lenses and light distribution structures. This innovative production process immediately provides the LED lighting industry with all-new opportunities for growth.

New energy-saving LED fixtures can be brought onto the market faster, cheaper and with greater flexibility. What’s more, this digital printing technology also opens up new product design possibilities for (O)LED lighting manufactures.

Richard van de Vrie, CEO of the LUXeXceL Group: “I’m thrilled that our team has succeeded in making this ground-breaking digital technology applicable for development of LED lighting optics. Printoptical Technology will also become a basic technology for many other target markets.”

“Expensive tools and long development times for optics are definitely a thing of the past, and manufacturers will no longer need to keep large stocks of different lenses on hand because they can be printed out with the click of a button. ‘Printoptical Technology' can even save on shipping costs because optics can be sent digitally to a printer anywhere in the world,” adds Kurt Blessing, CTO van LUXeXceL.

It is a matter of graphic design to insert logos, technical data or design elements into the same production process. Optical structures and elements can be printed on non-traditional materials as well. Furthermore, optical adjustments are quite simple to perform in case, for instance, bifocal or trifocal optics are needed, or quick product changes are requested.

Paul Kallmes, CIPO of LUXeXceL and Managing Director of LUXeXceL Technologies Inc. (Silicon Valley, California), also sees major possibilities for the advanced North American LED lighting market. LUXeXceL’s Printoptical Technology significantly reduces the ‘time-to-market’ – where lens development is usually the bottleneck. In addition to this, we are also making a lasting contribution to the ‘energysaving’ LED revolution.

About LUXeXceL:
LUXeXceL Group B.V., innovator of Printoptical Technology, develops, manufactures and markets optical products by means of a novel digital 3D printing process and offers complementary software and hardware solutions for many diverse target markets. A unique combination of light, optics and digital 3D printing are the basis for this new core technology that allows on-demand printing of optical structures, light distribution patterns, lenses and optics on different kind of media.
The optical devices are engineered to enhance daylight and light distribution, to improve and ease the performance, design and the manufacturing of optics, and to create new graphic design- and media opportunities.
LUXeXceL is headquartered in Goes, The Netherlands, and also presented in Germany and in the United States. LUXeXceL is a registered brand of LUXeXceL Holding B.V.