Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 21, 2011

SABIC’s Lexan* LUX FR PC Grades Features Custom Diffusion and Optimal Luminance

Innovative Plastics strategic business unit of SABIC is shining a spotlight on its latest win: China-based Light Engine’s selection of customized Lexan* LUX high-diffusion resin grades to produce light-emitting diode (LED) tube lighting for its customer Optiled. Optiled is using newly commercialized Lexan LUX polycarbonate (PC) material for the covers of residential and office fixtures, shielding hot spots while delivering excellent light transmission. Breakthrough Lexan LUX resins provide a non-chlorinated, non-brominated flame retardant to meet the UL94 V0 standard at 1.5 mm in all colors; a choice of customizable diffusion levels or transparency; and excellent luminance. Innovative Plastics continues to lead the industry with superior solutions that help lighting customers meet changing regulatory and market demands.

“Lexan LUX high-diffusion resins meet all of our requirements, enabling us to deliver an optimal-quality product to Optiled,” said Thomas Chaung, senior director, Light Engine. “Innovative Plastics provided a customized level of diffusion that successfully shields the LEDs in these tubes, resulting in uniform, pleasant lighting. The company also provided valuable services such as expertise in extrusion process optimization, helping us achieve success and high customer satisfaction. We commend Innovative Plastics for proactively creating materials that target our industry’s top issues.”

Based in Hong Kong, Light Engine has over 25 years of experience in the LED industry, and has been an Innovative Plastics customer for several years. The company is a leading supplier of LED lighting solutions to OEM customers.

“One of the keys to success in LED technology is a balance between hiding power and brightness,” said Teresa Zhao, global Lexan/Cycoloy* resins product marketing director, Innovative Plastics. “Our Lexan LUX resins stand out from the competition by giving customers the unique flexibility to customize diffusion levels and achieve the balance that is necessary for their application. These materials also expand our sustainability offering by providing advanced flame-retardant technology without hazardous substances. As LED lighting gains global market share, Innovative Plastics is devoting significant resources and expertise to help our customers compete and succeed.”

New Materials to Create the Next Generation of LEDs:
Innovative Plastics’ Lexan LUX PC grades were developed to meet evolving requirements of next-generation LED lighting. As bulb covers become thinner to accommodate new designs and reduce weight, and as power increases, materials need to meet a tougher flammability standard. Lexan LUX PC grades stand out from the competition with Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) Yellow Card listing at 1.5 mm in all colors, while avoiding brominated and chlorinated additives as mandated by the European Union’s (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) directives. They also provide high relative thermal index (RTI) values of up to 125/115/125 to support the higher temperatures that are seen in LED lighting.

Customers can choose clear Lexan LUX 9610 resin, featuring 89 percent light transmission at 2 mm and low haze, or select from two customizable diffusion grades. Lexan LUX 9612 resin offers low diffusion and Lexan LUX 9616 resin provides high diffusion with well balanced transmission.

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